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Bima Sinkhole By: AdRikTa |Flickr
Bima Sinkhole By: AdRikTa |Flickr
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This Natural Sinkhole in Oman is Absolutely Stunning

Picture of Gehad Medhat
Updated: 21 September 2017
Looking just like a sinkhole, but filled with pure crystal green and blue water, and surrounded by rocky formations and green palm trees – hidden deep inside the ground, the Bimmah (Dabab) sinkhole in Oman is one of the most stunning natural attractions near the capital city of Muscat.

The sinkhole is located in eastern Oman, between two coastal towns: Bimmah and Dabab, both of which the sinkhole was named after. It was formed after the limestone layers were dissolved causing the surface layer to collapse.

Dabab Sinkhole By: Prasad Pillai
Dabab Sinkhole By: Prasad Pillai | Flickr

Nevertheless, the Omani locals have another story about how the sinkhole was formed. They believe that it was created by a falling meteorite. That’s why they call it ‘Hawiyat Najm’ which means the place of the star fall.

Oman Sinkhole By: Trubble
Oman Sinkhole By: Trubble | Flickr

The sinkhole is around 20 meters (65.6 feet) deep, and is about 600 meters (0.73 miles) away from the sea. It recently became a popular attraction for locals and visitors after a park was built around it called “Hawiyat Najm Park”, and a stairway was built down reaching to the water.

Most visitors go for a swim in the sinkhole’s turquoise water. They also hang around and enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains, watch the tiny fish swimming in the sinkhole or stop and have a barbecue.

Bimmah Sinkhole By: Juozas Salna
Bimmah Sinkhole By: Juozas Salna | Flickr