The Best Cultural Tours in Oman

Oman © Trips of the World |Flickr
Oman © Trips of the World |Flickr
Photo of Gehad Medhat
16 November 2017

Oman is full of architectural and natural wonders in every corner of its cities. Nevertheless, it is the authentic and unique Omani culture that adds this beauty to the country. Here are the best cultural tours to try when you visit.

Luxury Culture Holiday in Oman

This tour is a seven-day cultural trip around Oman. It starts in the capital city of Muscat by visiting the most traditional sites of the city, like: the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, the Muttrah Souk, and Bait Al Zubair Museum. Then, the tour guide takes visitors to discover the history and architecture wonders of Nizwa’s castles and forts, as well as to enjoy its magnificent mountains of Al Hajar range. By camping in the Wahiba Sands in Al Sharqiya region, visitors will enjoy the authentic Omani bedouin life. There is also the coastal life, in which tourists will explore the life of Omani fishermen and ship-builders in the great city of Sur in eastern Oman. Throughout seven days, tourists will get to enjoy different traditional lives and cultures of different parts of Oman.

Omani Fisherman © Hendrik Dacquin | Flickr

Forts and Deserts of Oman

This is another great tour that lets visitors enjoy the amazing history and architecture of the Omani forts, and the natural beauty of the deserts and the sand dunes of Oman. The tour lasts for eight days and visitors get to watch dolphins by taking a boat trip near Musandam Governorate, watch turtles in the Ras Al Jinz natural reserve and discover the isolated beaches of the Masirah Island in eastern Oman. Tourists will also enjoy the golden sands, and the magnificent sand dunes of Al Wahiba, as well as the breathtaking landscape of Al Hajar mountains. The tour then ends with the spectacular tour through Oman’s history in Jibreen castle and Nizwa Fort in Al Dakhliya region.

Omani sands © Juozas Salna | Flickr

A Taste of Oman

This is an in-depth cultural tour that discovers Oman within seven days, starting and ending in the capital of Muscat. It begins with the top cultural attractions in Muscat which include: Al Alam Palace, Bait Al Zubair Museum, the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, the Old City of Muscat, the corniche and the local souk of Muttrah, Al Ameen Mosque and Al Jalali and Al Mirani forts by Muscat pier.

As the road trip begins, visitors will enjoy the magnificent Al Jabal Al Akhdar (The Green Mountain), Al Hazm Fort, the village of Barka and the unique Omani fortified houses. The next stop is by the Wahiba Sands and the spectacular Wadi Bani Khalid in eastern Oman, in which there is the beautiful green plantations, crystal clear waters between rocky edges and magnificent surrounding mountains.

Then, visitors enjoy an exciting trip to witness the traditional culture of Oman and learn about the country’s ancient traditions, norms, religion, arts and education and history by visiting its forts, castles, palaces and houses. This starts in Al Dakhliya region as tourists visit the city of Bahla and its famous fort and pottery industry. Later, they visit the city of Nizwa and walk through its local souk and ancient fort. Before visitors return to Muscat, they get to enjoy the natural beauty of the Dakhliya Region and visit its famous Jebel Al Akhdar (the Green Mountain) and Jebel Shams (Mountain of Sun).

Al Khuwair District Muscat © Dan | Flickr

Essence of Arabia

For all those who want to experience the unique life of the Arab bedouins and the spectacular deserts and sands of Oman. It is a seven-day tour that goes from Muscat to four other destinations around Oman and ends back in Muscat. The other locations include the glorious Al Hajar mountains like Jebel Shams and Al Jebel Al Akhdar, the Grand Canyon of Oman, and Wadi Bani Khalid and Ras Al Jinz. Before returning to Muscat, the tour also goes to the coastal town of Sur, and Wadi Shab.

Oman © Monica Guy | Flickr

All these tours offer guests local and traditional Omani food from the different places they visit. They also introduce them to the Omanis and their different ways of living.

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