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Oman Taxis | © Riyadh Al Balushi/Flickr
Oman Taxis | © Riyadh Al Balushi/Flickr
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Say Hello to Oman's New Female Taxi Drivers

Picture of Gehad Medhat
Updated: 7 February 2018
Get used to seeing brand new pink-, blue- and white-colored cars in the streets of Oman. Starting March 1st 2018, Omani women will be allowed to drive taxis, according to a statement released by the Royal Oman Police.

This new service (involving color-coded vehicles) will solve a lot of problems for Omani women, who often feel unsafe travelling in a car with an unknown man. Riding with female drivers will help ensure safety and respect for female passengers.

Omani women at a market in Sinaw | © Andries Oudshoorn/Wikipedia Commons

In addition, the Royal Oman Police have said that women will be granted permission to drive heavy vehicles, which will help to strengthen gender equality when it comes to work opportunities in Oman.

Omani women have welcomed the news, which appears to follow a trend of changing attitudes to women’s rights across the Middle East. In September 2017, Saudi Arabia ruled that women were allowed to drive cars, eradicating a long-standing policy against it.

The changes in Oman’s traffic laws will help women gain financial independence and give them new chances to work and support their families.