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Warche 13 │© Amani El Charif
Warche 13 │© Amani El Charif
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Warche 13: the First Common Space for Cultural Development in Tripoli, Lebanon

Picture of Amani Sharif
Freelance Writer
Updated: 11 March 2017
As a result of political strife and a disturbed atmosphere, the cultural scene in Tripoli, Lebanon had been rapidly deteriorating. With the absence of peace and tranquility, cultural discussions were not a priority. Despite the city being rich with talent, there had never been a space devoted purely towards artistic work and intellectual development; however, with the opening of Warche 13, this, of course, has changed.

Within four months of its development, Warche 13 has proved itself the cultural hub of Tripoli. From art showings to poetry reading nights, the space is never void of artistic endeavors. The talented owner has successfully created a safe space for both artists and thinkers to call home. This innovative idea has made sure to provide the city with an inclusive environment fit for its true artistic side. What marks the venue is its beautiful rustic interior and its position on a street corner in the historic district of Mina.

Warche 13 │© Amani El Charif
Warche 13 | © Amani El Charif

Warche 13 operates as a café, offering delicious coffee and delectable treats. It’s a quiet place for a reader to go and curl up with a good book; however, this tranquility should not fool you as the place regularly comes alive with activity. There are regular movie nights that include showings of classics, which are then followed by analyses and discussions. These conversations complement the usual discussion circles well, as the owner tries to expand people’s perspectives by creating a secure space for deep intellectual talks.

That is not to say that Warche 13’s atmosphere is always serious. The place is always bustling with cultural dinner parties, musical events, and art workshops. The concept behind this café is to bring like-minded people together in one place and give them the chance to network in hopes of creating a wide cultural circle. In a city starved for an artistic outlet, Warche 13 is truly a perfect step toward a newer Tripoli.

Opening Hours: 10:00 a.m.–11:00 p.m.