The Best Things to See and Do in Lebanon

Stores, Old Souk Jbeil | © Nabiha Hajaig / Flickr
Stores, Old Souk Jbeil | © Nabiha Hajaig / Flickr
There is a lot to see and do in Lebanon, and you may have difficulty deciding what’s worth your time. From beaches and parties to museums and nature, the country has it all. If you’re short on time and need a list of what to do, here’s your answer.

Experience paragliding

If you’re an adrenaline junkie or just an adventure seeker, this activity is for you. Experience paragliding over many points in Lebanon, and glide from mountain to coast in order to witness some of the country’s most breathtaking views. This experience offers a panoramic perspective of the Lebanese terrain and will definitely be something that you won’t forget.

Paragliding over Beirut © Arnaud DG/ Flickr

Visit the Jeita Grotto

Discovered in 1836 by Reverend William Thomson, the Jeita Grotto takes its name from its location, a town located just outside Beirut. Damaged during the Lebanese Civil War in 1978, it re-opened in 1995. What makes the Jeita Grotto so special is its natural rock formations, untouched by people except to facilitate transportation through the cave. Divided into two sections, you can walk and take a boat ride through this beautiful site.

Opening Times: Tuesday—Sunday, 9 A.M.–5 P.M.

Jeita Grotto, Jeita, Mount Lebanon Governorate, Lebanon, +961 9 220 841

Visit the North

Northern Lebanon, Akkar specifically, boasts the country’s biggest and most beautiful expanses of nature. Still largely undiscovered by tourists, Akkar is a gem just waiting for explorers to unearth it. It is difficult to get around because of the lack of preparation for visitors, but there is always somewhere to stay. Rent a car and drive around this region of countryside—the views you’ll experience there are unlike any others.

Akkar District, North Governorate, Lebanon

See the Baatara Gorge Waterfall

Another natural rock formation, the Baatara Gorge Waterfall in Tannourine is one of the best sites to visit in Lebanon. Found by Henri Coiffait in 1952, the waterfall only gained popularity recently, with more locals and tourists hiking up for the perfect picture. Geologists theorize that the site is millions of years old and may have existed alongside the dinosaurs.

Baatara Gorge Waterfall, Tannourine El Faouqa, North Governorate, Lebanon

Baatara Gorge Waterfall, Tannourine | © LFRabanedo / Shutterstock

Walk through Hamra

Dubbed the Lebanese “Champs-Elysées,” Hamra is Beirut’s hub of culture and knowledge. With the largest concentration of universities in Lebanon and a rich cultural history, it’s no secret that a walk through Hamra should be on your list of places to visit in Lebanon. Soak up the hustle and bustle plus the progressive atmosphere as you walk among students, tourists, and locals.

Hamra, Beirut, Mount Lebanon Governorate, Lebanon

Visit Al Tal Tripoli

Want to experience what life may have been like in 20th-century Tripoli? Walk through the city’s Tal district. The architecture lining this street will leave you in awe, and the hidden gems you may find exploring the area make this site a must-visit in Lebanon. Don’t be afraid to eat from the local shops as the people of Tripoli do.

Al Tal, Tripoli, North Governorate, Lebanon

Clock tower, Al Tal | © Amani El Charif

Visit the Old Souks in Jbeil

The Old Souks in Jbeil are on every local’s and tourist’s must-visit list. These historical walkways come alive during the day as a heritage site, and at night, it’s a great place to hang out with friends. Revel in the liveliness of the souks, take a perfect picture, and fill your day (and night) with the best memories!

The Old Souq, Byblos, Mount Lebanon Governorate, Lebanon

Visit Baalbek

The Roman ruins of Baalbek are not something to miss on your trip to Lebanon. Marvel at the architecture that has baffled historians with its magnitude, and soak up the old-world atmosphere. Walk through the same path ancient Romans took on their way to worship Jupiter and Venus. With so much history, this ancient wonder is definitely worth a day trip.

Baalbek Temple, Baalbek District, Beqaa Governorate, Lebanon

Visit Harissa

The home of the Lady of Lebanon, Harissa is the religious site to visit in the country. The amazing shrine honors the 50th anniversary of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception declared by Pope Pius IX. The trip to the site is unforgettable as you can ride the Telefrique to Harissa. With the lady watching over Jounieh, you can feel a strong spiritual energy at this destination.

Harissa, Keserwan District, Mount Lebanon Governorate, Lebanon