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Greek Sculpture, National Museum Beirut| © Steven Damron/ Flickr
Greek Sculpture, National Museum Beirut| © Steven Damron/ Flickr

The Best Museums to Visit in Beirut, Lebanon

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Updated: 22 March 2017

Beirut is nothing if not filled with history. Its streets, buildings, and people are physical proof of its rich heritage. From an ancient coastal city to a cosmopolitan capital, Beirut has a lot of stories to tell. What better way to immerse yourself in its culture than visiting its museums?

The National Museum

[National Museum of Beirut] | © [American_Rugbier]/[source, Flickr]

National Museum of Beirut | © American_Rugbier/Flickr

If you’re interested in local archaeology, this museum is for you. The National Museum holds collections that date back from the prehistoric ages up until the age of Islamic Empires. Over 1300 artifacts grace the floors of the building and tell the stories of ages that have passed. The meta-narrative in this museum is strong, as the building itself is a historical landmark that survived the Lebanese civil war and underwent restoration before it was opened to the masses again.  Nothing reflects the Lebanese identity more than its national museum with remnants of ages, peoples, and wars.

Address and Phone Number:

Museum Street, Damascus Street and Abdallah El Yafi Avenue, Beirut, Lebanon, +01 426 703

Robert Maawad Private Museum

[Robert Maawad Museum Exterior] | © [Steve Damron]/[source, Flickr]

Robert Maawad Museum Exterior | © Steve Damron/ Flickr

In the center of Downtown Beirut, a private residence turned museum in 2006 is the home of beautiful memorabilia from the past. The Robert Maawad Private Museum holds a collection of carefully assembled items that reflect the history of the Lebanese culture. The sentiment behind this attraction is the promotion of oriental history and its preservation, as its curators believe in educating the youth about Lebanese Heritage. The museum holds beautiful collections of jewelry, pottery, and porcelain to marvel at.

Address and Phone Number:

Army Road, Zokak Blat Beirut, Lebanon, +961 198 0970

Sursock Museum

[Sursock Museum] | © [Luciana]/[source,Flickr]

Sursock Museum | © Luciana/Flickr

Another mansion turned museum, this site is repeatedly cited as the cultural hub of Beirut. The Sursock Museum opened its doors in 1961 and then reopened in 2015, as it is also one of the testaments to Lebanon’s resilience in war. It regularly shows contemporary art that hails from all over the world. The museum also supports local artists and makes sure that Lebanese art is given a voice. If you’re curious about the richness of the Lebanese art scene, this is definitely the place to be.

Address and Phone Number:


Top of St. Nicolas Stairs, Gemmayzeh Street, Beirut, Lebanon, +961 120 2001