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Exterior, Phoenicia Hotel | © Phoenicia Hotel
Exterior, Phoenicia Hotel | © Phoenicia Hotel
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The Best Luxury Hotels in Beirut, Lebanon for a Romantic Getaway

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Updated: 10 March 2017
If you’re looking for a romantic getaway but dislike being isolated, Beirut is the city for you. From shopping districts and delectable cuisine to art and beaches, there is nothing one can’t do while relaxing in this historic city. The contrast of older and picturesque new architecture creates an atmosphere like no other. Whether walking around in Hamra or Downtown Beirut, there is no shortage of cosmopolitan romance. Here’s where to indulge in luxury after a long day’s adventure with your partner.
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Le Royal Hotel

Stay in a quiet location on the coast of Beirut at Le Royal Hotel. With its unique location 30 minutes from Faraya ski resort and a few kilometers away from the Kaslik shopping district, there will be no shortage of nearby activities if you stay at this hotel. It also includes a five-acre aqua park and a high-end spa looking over the Mediterranean. The diversity of cuisines, activities, and views makes this hotel one of the top romantic destinations.

Le Royal Hotel, Leisure Hills Complex, Dbayeh, Beirut, Lebanon, +961 4 555 555

Le Royal | © Le Royal

Le Royal | © Le Royal

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Mövenpick Hotel

With access to a private beach on the Mediterranean, one cannot resist staying at the Mövenpick. Its five-star rating, indoor and outdoor pools, plus luxurious spa make for a perfectly relaxing getaway on the coast of Beirut. The hotel is close to Hamra Street, Gemmayzeh Street, and ABC shopping mall, which makes it a prime location for shoppers and city lovers alike. The Mövenpick is certainly a perfect hideaway for couples.

Mövenpick Hotel, Général de Gaulle Avenue, Beirut, Lebanon, +961 1 869 666

[Movenpick Resort] | © [ JPRichard]/[source, Flickr]

Movenpick Resort | © JPRichard / Shutterstock

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Le Gray

In the heart of Downtown Beirut, Le Gray occupies an ideal location where couples can take a night stroll through the center of the city. Rooftop lounges with panoramic views and a luxurious modern vibe make this hotel remarkable. The hotel also serves international cuisine and is close to Martyrs’ Square and the sea. Le Gray is the best option for the couple who is looking for a romantic hideaway with a luxe twist.

Le Gray, Martyrs’ Square, Beirut Central District, Beirut, Lebanon, +961 1 971 111

Indigo Lounge. Le Gray Hotel | © Le Gray Hotel

Indigo Lounge, Le Gray Hotel | © Le Gray Hotel

Crowne Plaza Hamra

Located on Hamra Street, the Crowne Plaza is the ideal hotel for couples who love wandering small city streets. The cosmopolitan feel of Hamra will make anyone fall in love; it is an excellent mix of modernism and history. The hotel has certainly earned its four-star rating, as it features a large gym and entertainment facilities. The Crowne Plaza is perfect for the couple who wants to embrace the bustling nightlife and activity of the inner city.

Crowne Plaza Hamra, Hamra Main Street, Beirut, Lebanon, +961 1 754 755

Crowne Plaza Lobby | © Crowne Plaza
Crowne Plaza Lobby | © Crowne Plaza
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Le Patio Boutique Hotel

Le Patio offers couples the unique chance to stay in Downtown Beirut. This location is not only beautiful, but the architecture is defined by old-world wealth, guaranteeing an upscale aesthetic. Elegant suites, rooms, and dining rooms define the grandeur of Le Patio, and its proximity to Beirut Souks, Zeytouna Bay, and Gemmayzeh makes for a fun-filled vacation – not to mention the rooftop views that would make anyone fall in love all over again.

Le Patio Boutique Hotel, 1144 Marfaa – Uruguay St. Solidere, Beirut, Lebanon, +961 1 999209

[Le Patio Hotel] | Courtesy of [Le Patio Hotel]

Le Patio Hotel | © Le Patio Hotel

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Hotel Albergo

Take a small step away from modernity and venture into the Hotel Albergo in Achrafieh Beirut. Not only is it in the heart of the city, but it also offers interiors that are closest to those found in an authentic Lebanese home. Its charming rooms and Italian cuisine ensure a romantic weekend for any couple. Its panoramic views of the city will bring you back again and again.

Hotel Albergo, 137 Rue Abdel Wahab El Inglizi, Beirut, Lebanon, +961 1 33 97 97

[Night Terrace, Albergo Hotel] | Courtesy of [Albergo Hotel]

Night terrace at Hotel Albergo | © Hotel Albergo

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Phoenicia InterContinental Hotel

If you’re interested in historical themes and old-world charm, then the Phoenicia InterContinental Hotel is for you. With its proximity to the beach, splendid views of the marina and a pool, you’ll never feel too far from its Phoenician aesthetic. It is also close to the abandoned Holiday Inn landmark, which is sure to provide a sense of adventure and a peek into Lebanon’s past. The hotel’s diverse cuisine, spa services, and luxurious feel make it a popular destination for couples who are looking to escape the world, if only for a weekend.

Phoenicia InterContinental Hotel, Minet El Hosn, Beirut, Lebanon, +961 1 369100

The Marina, Phoenicia Hotel| © Phoenicia Hotel

The Marina, Phoenicia Hotel | © Phoenicia Hotel