The Best Day Trips From Tripoli, Lebanon

Akkar , Northern Lebanon  | © rabiem22/ Flickr
Akkar , Northern Lebanon | © rabiem22/ Flickr
Photo of Amani Sharif
Freelance Writer15 November 2017

While Tripoli is full of adventures, there are many nearby spots to visit for an extra experience. Tripoli’s strategic place close to the northern villages makes it a perfect base in your drive through the mountainous regions, and its untapped potential makes it less crowded. Here are the best day trips from Tripoli.

The North

Frequently forgotten, the upper north of Lebanon is a beautiful destination for nature lovers. Its scenic mountains, abundance of green and small villages make it the perfect place for a day trip. Still largely untouched by development, an ideal trip to the north would be in a rented car with plans to come back late in the day!


One of the more popular destinations, Qoubaiyat is home to a yearly music festival with the same name. This town has been continuously inhabited since as far back as 3000 BCE. It occupies a position on the Silk Road connecting east Asia to Rome. This interesting history plus numerous activities and beautiful nature make it a must visit.

Church in Qoubaiyat | Bassam Khattar

Oyoun El Samak

Almost 20 miles from Tripoli is Oyoun el Samak, the home of the Bared River, an artificial water source. Dubbed “Heaven on Earth”, the area is perfect for a hike and picnic. Its picturesque waterfalls have made the location a local favorite. The ideal time to visit is late spring (around May and April), late summer and fall (around September and October).

Bared River, Oyoun El Samak, Lebanon


Oyoun El Samak | © Hamze


One of Lebanon’s biggest tourist attractions, Ehden is a rural town located 24.2 miles from Tripoli. Inhabited since 850 BCE, this is another site in Lebanon full of history and beauty. It’s a local favorite, many choosing it as a location for their summer and weekend homes. Ehden is the perfect place for a day trip and traditional Lebanese lunch along the way.

Ehden | © Moe-tography/ Flickr

The South

On the way to Beirut and south from Tripoli are some of Lebanon’s most iconic cities. Their position on the coast has made them places that have been visited throughout history, accounting for their unique and deep stories.


One of the less appreciated coastal cities, Enfeh is a constant field of study for archaeologists, as here there is evidence of settlements from ancient times. It seems as though every year, new historical gems are found in Enfeh, and the city is a palimpsest of different peoples. Enfeh is also a popular choice for vacations as it has the clearest waters in Lebanon. Swimming, diving and fishing are only some of the activities that draw people to this city.

Deir El Natour Monastery, Enfeh | © Canaïma/ Flickr


Eighteen miles from Tripoli and ten miles from Enfeh, Batroun is another must visit on a day trip south of Tripoli. A very popular destination for locals, Batroun is home to history, beaches and nightlife. The city has also been inhabited by ancients, Phoenicians, Crusaders and many others. One of its more iconic sites is the crusader castle that today is isolated on a rock and can be seen from the highway. Batroun also hosts music festivals like Wicker Park, a local rock festival, and a rich nightlife in its old souks.

Crusader Castle, Batroun | © rabiem22/ Flickr


Nine miles from Batroun on the coast is one of Lebanon’s most iconic spots: Byblos. It’s one of the most popular places to visit in the country and for good reason. The coastal city is frequented for its old souks and the castle located right off the coast. Walking around Byblos is unforgettable, with restaurants lining the old streets and historical sites at every turn. One can simply walk by the coast and marvel at the city’s beautiful waters.

Byzantine Church | © Grigory Gusev/ Flickr

The East

A trip east of Tripoli takes you to the country’s most popular destinations. Valleys, mountains and activities await at the Cedars and Beqaa Valley.

The Cedars of God

An UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Cedars are the country’s most prized symbol. Found on the country’s flag, the cedar exemplifies everything Lebanon is to the locals. Home to ski slopes in the winter and a perfect place to hike in the summer, the Cedars of God are the best place for a day trip. The trees appear in the Epic of Gilgamesh as well as the Bible.

Cedars of God | © Moe-tography/ Flickr

Beqaa Valley

Around 75 miles from Tripoli and home to the ancient ruins of Baalbek, Beqaa Valley is a must-visit place. There’s a lot to see there, from forests to ancient ruins and wineries. Places like the Berdawni River and Chateau Kefraya winery are unique places to visit in the area. Even locals head to Beqaa for an adventure.

Ummayad Ruins in Anjar, Beqaa | © Serge/ Flickr

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