How to Plan a Trip to the Lebanon Mountain Trail

Bsharri  | © Linaduliban / Wikimedia Commons
Bsharri | © Linaduliban / Wikimedia Commons
Photo of Amani Sharif
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Every year, many people hike this picturesque trail through Lebanon’s mountains. One of the best experiences Lebanon has to offer, it should be one reason to visit the country. The long and bumpy walk through the wilderness is sure to satisfy any adventure traveler. This unique trek will surely leave you with a fresh view of Lebanon.

Bteghrine | © Surreallogic/ Wikimedia Commons

What is the Lebanon Mountain Trail?

Being a small country with a curious geography, Lebanon’s terrain starts at its coast and rises up to mountains before giving away to a valley. Most of the mountains are connected to each other, and are home to many villages and rural cultural centers. Village life in the country is different to the coast, and worth the long trip to visit.

With help from ECODIT and a grant funded by the United States, the Lebanon Moutain Trail project became possible. The longest hiking trail in Lebanon, the LMT is 293 miles long and starts from the north, moving all the way to the south. It starts in Andqet, a village in the north and continues down to Marjaayoun. The trail connects around 75 villages. Not for the unprepared hiker, the LMT is the perfect way to discover Lebanon’s nature and heritage.

The LMT was established in an effort to draw national and international eyes to the richness of Lebanon and the necessity of preserving its tourist sites.

Barouk Mountain | © Yhabbouche/ Wikimedia Commons

Barouk Mountain | © Yhabbouche/ Wikimedia Commons

How to plan a trip

Hikers should always be well-prepared and never attempt it alone. As with any other hike, make sure to have comfortable clothes, hiking shoes and supplies for the trip. It can be made in the fall. At a moderate hiking pace, hiking the entire trail takes 27 days, with each of the 27 parts taking roughly a day each.

Alternatives to the full trail include sectional hikes or weekend hikes that take two days. Consulting the expertise of tourism and travel companies is essential. The LMT Association has made the hike possible with guide services that enable adventurers to complete the trek safely. They also provide checklists, lodging and much more. If you join the yearly adventure, food is provided along with hiking plans and events. Book online and choose the team and experience you want to join.

Lebanon Mountain Trail | © Eli/ Wikimedia Commons

The LMT Association organizes only two hiking trips per year, the April Thru-Walk and the October Fall-Trek. The Thru-Walk is a 30-day hiking trip that crosses the entire trail. It includes 27 hiking days, with three additional days for rest. The Fall-Trek is a hiking trip ranging from 10 days to 2 weeks, which crosses roughly half the trail.

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