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Letters in the Arabic Alphabet
Letters in the Arabic Alphabet
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Top 10 Places to Learn Arabic in Amman

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Updated: 17 August 2017
With 230 million speakers globally, Arabic is the fifth most spoken language in the world. A total of 29 countries from Africa to Asia hold Arabic as their official language, and it is considered by linguists to be one of the most complex, yet gratifying languages to master. If you are looking to embark on the long, but very rewarding journey of learning the Arabic language, then you should consider taking a course from one of the many great institutions in Amman, Jordan. The quality of teaching in the capital is world-renowned and Amman is fast becoming a real hub in the Middle East in way of culture and arts. Here are our recommended institutions.
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Qasid Arabic Institute

Qasid offers a very rigorous yet excellent Arabic programme for motivated students of all levels. All courses are taught in Arabic and the majority of programmes are based on the Al Kitab textbook series. Many universities around the world send their students to Qasid as part of various year abroad programmes, which has established the institution as a real hub for global language learners. Classical Arabic is also an option at the institution, which refers primarily to the language of the Qur’an and also to the accompanying texts, and works inspired by it. Also on offer are a selection of complementary sources, although these come at an extra cost, including cooking courses, local dialect, Tajwid and calligraphy.

22 Queen Rania Street, Next to Mukhtar Mall, Amman, Jordan +962 6 515 4364

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Ahlan Jordan for Arabic Language

Ahlan‘s philosophy in teaching is to promote language as a tool for building bridges and greater understanding between cultures. They organise language courses based on a humanistic-communicative approach with cultural activities and seminars on intercultural understanding, which make for a very dynamic learning environment.

Kharejah Al-Ashjai St., Amman, Jordan, +962 6 461 5315

Shelves stacked with Arabic books | © AhmadArdity/Pixabay

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Misbah Centre

The Misba Centre is one of the more unique language institutions in Amman. Focusing on spoken Arabic in the Jordanian dialect, they teach using the ‘Growing Participatory Approach’ (GPA), whereby the student and teacher interact with various objects and verbs. This stimulates instant communication and enables students to develop familiarity with a lot of vocabulary. The later phases go on towards more abstract elements, communicating through pictures, drawings and stories.

Al-Shariaah College St., Amman, Jordan, +962 7 9917 3008

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