The Best Bakeries for Puffs and Pastries in Amman

© Crumz Bakery Cafe | Facebook
© Crumz Bakery Cafe | Facebook
One of Jordan‘s favourite foods are pastries. It’s hard to get enough of the delicious varieties of Manakaeesh (thyme pastries) and ‘Arayes (Arabic bread stuffed with meat), among many other tasty specialties. Here are our recommendations for the best places to find them.

Crumz Bakery Café

Bakery, Contemporary, $$$
Cheese Balls
Cheese Balls | © Crumz Bakery Cafe | Facebook

Not only does this place serve a daily dose of freshly baked goods, it also offers a quiet and calm area in which to relax, study or work. They are most famous for their huge variety of cakes, muffins, croissants and pastries. If your are looking for oriental-flavoured baking with a contemporary vibe and strong Wi-Fi connection, then Crumz should be your destination.

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B Lebanese Pastries

Patisserie, Dessert Shop, Restaurant, Middle Eastern, Dessert, Pastries
B Lebanese Pastries, Amman
B Lebanese Pastries, Amman | Courtesy of B Lebanese Pastries

B Lebanese Pastries is really cheap, and are known for their fresh baking process and hot servings. Enjoy either while sitting on their lofted seats or to-go.

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Al Raya Al Shamiya Restaurant

Patisserie, Restaurant, Middle Eastern, Lebanese

This place started out as a butcher and is still run by its original Syrian owners, making it one of the best places to try real Middle Eastern pastries. Syrians, followed by Lebanese, are the master chefs of this trade. Despite this place being rather old, it serves the best Mo’ajanat in Amman, without exaggeration. Its Syrian workers won’t mind handing out a few free samples. You must try their freshly-baked Sfeeha (baked Syrian rectangular-shaped dough topped with meat and onion), being the best in Amman.

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