Jordan's Top 10 Must See Contemporary Art Galleries

Darat Al Funun | Courtesy of Darat Al Funun, The Khalid Shoman Foundation
Darat Al Funun | Courtesy of Darat Al Funun, The Khalid Shoman Foundation
Photo of Sahar Esfandiari
25 June 2017

Jordan might be better known to travellers for its historical richness and stunning landscapes, but the capital Amman has a great deal to offer in way of contemporary Middle Eastern art. Art lovers will find many galleries dotted mostly in and around the areas of Jabal Al Weidbdeh and Jabal Amman, areas which are known to be the city’s cultural and artistic hubs. Here is our introduction to the top 10 must see contemporary art galleries in Jordan.

The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts

Art Gallery, Museum, Park
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The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts
The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts | © Rami Tarawaneh/Wikimedia Commons
The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts should be the first on your list to visit if you’re looking for a comprehensive insight into the history of contemporary and Islamic art from the Middle East. The gallery is housed in two buildings which are separated by Muntaza park in Jabal Al Weibdeh.

The gallery was established in 1980 by the Royal Society of Fine Arts, and its permanent collection comprises of well over 2,000 works including paintings, prints, sculptures, photographs and ceramics.

The Khalid Shoman Foundation, Darat al Funun

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Darat Al Funun
Darat Al Funun | (Courtesy of Darat al Funun, The Khalid Shoman Foundation)
First opened in 1988, Darat al Funun was established with an aim to bring together and support artists from Jordan and the wider Arab world. Throughout the years they have played a key role in hosting and exhibiting many modern masters – among them Adam Henein, Rafa al Nasiri, Marwan and Mona Hatoum.

Bringing together the visual arts and many other forms of artistic expression, Darat al Funun is one of the more edgier galleries in Amman, regularly hosting film screenings, innovative art performances and cultural events throughout the year.

Located in a peaceful spot in Jabal Al Weibdeh, Darat al Funun consists of a set of six beautiful 19th century villas surrounded by gardens where you can sit with a cup of coffee and contemplate the exhibitions whilst looking down on scenic views of downtown Amman. They also have an extensive art library and an archeological site which you should be sure to check out whilst visiting.

Foresight32 Art Gallery

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Foresight32 Art Gallery was the first private gallery set up in Amman back in 1991, and is now seen as a point of reference in the national and international art scene with their experimental and innovative approach towards incubating contemporary culture and arts.

Located near the 6th circle, Foresight32 is housed in the somewhat commercial area of Um Uthaina. As well as exhibiting works of art, they also organise festivals and art forums, host cultural dialogue and act as a bridge between different cultures.

Orfali Gallery

Established firstly as a family business by art collector Ina’am Orfali in 1993, the Orfali gallery is located in a quiet spot close to Um Uthaina.

The gallery displays works from all schools of art, exposing visitors to a broad range of mediums including painting and sculpture. Although dealing in works and artists from across the Arab world, the Orfali gallery has developed a speciality for Iraqi art.

Alkufa, Amman, Jordan, +962 6 552 6932

Rasha Eleyan's Art Exhibition 6/3/2017

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Orient Gallery

Dedicated to the promotion of both established and emerging Arab artists, Orient gallery was opened in 1996 and is located in the classy Abdoun area of West Amman.

Artists such as Bahrain’s Jamal A. Rahim, Iraq’s Serawan Baran and Jordan’s Ghassan Abu Laban have all exhibited at the Orient Gallery.

Orient Gallery, Al Suways St 92, Amman, Jordan, +962 6 593 1331

Orient Gallery (Courtsey of Orient Gallery)

Dar Al-Anda

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Founded in 1998, Dar Al-Anda has since rather rapidly made a name for itself in the Middle Eastern fine arts scene. More than just your average contemporary art gallery, as well as being home to many exhibitions of works from the Arab world and the wider Middle East region, they also host regular literary and cultural events.

The gallery houses a beautiful terrace with stunning views of the city which are often used for musical events throughout the year.


Jacaranda’s focus on works on paper is distinctly unique within the contemporary art scene in Amman. Exhibiting and selling works from both emerging and established, local and international artists, Jacaranda hope to encourage and support the culture of collecting, by providing more affordable pieces across the mediums of print, photography and drawing.

It is also the only gallery in Amman which exhibits Australian aboriginal art, which provides an interesting comparison against art from the Jordanian desert.

If you’re an art collector visiting Amman, then definitely head down to their space on Rainbow Street in Jabal Amman, as the works are all on paper and they are easy to roll up and travel with.

‘Umar Ibn Al Khattab, Amman, Jordan, +962 6 464 4050

Jacaranda (Courtsey of Jacaranda)


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Nabad Gallery
Nabad Gallery | (Courtsey of Nabad Gallery)
Nabad contemporary art gallery is housed within a historic 1930s building in the neighbourhood of Jabal Amman, which is fast becoming a hub for culture and arts in Amman.

Since its opening in 2008, Nabad has exhibited works from the wider Arab world and beyond and is known as one of the most internationally diverse galleries, hosting artists from Pakistan to Korea.

Through exhibiting work from across the international world, Nabad aim to cultivate intercultural dialogue among artists and the public. The gallery also offer professional art classes in drawing and painting and periodically organise and host cultural events such as lectures and book signings.

Wadi Finan Gallery

Established under the patronage of the Mayor of Amman in 2008, Wadi Finan Gallery in Jabal Amman is known for its powerful multimedia work and focus on arts education and training.

Wadi Finan Gallery also does a great deal of work in driving an appetite for Arab visual arts through showcasing the work of esteemed Arabs, and specifically Jordanian artists in international art fairs.

Wadi Finan For Art, Yousef Asfour St 4, Amman, Jordan, +962 6 463 6939

From Nissa Raad's exhibition at Wadi Finan Art Gallery #art #artists #Jordan #amman #exhibition

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Cairo Amman Bank Gallery

Located in the area of Wadi Saqra, this large and bright gallery has a very different feel to the generally more intimate galleries in Amman. Focussing on the fine arts, Cairo Amman Bank Gallery aim to highlight the role of financial institutions in promoting Jordanian culture and enhancing public life.

They have also become increasingly active in holding symposiums and lectures in their gallery space.

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