7 Best Hotels to Stay At in Amman

Colorful Lovely Lights of Amman |© Mahmood Salam / Flickr
Colorful Lovely Lights of Amman |© Mahmood Salam / Flickr
Photo of Ginin Dunia Rifai
18 March 2017

The city of Amman is a bedazzling fusion between modernity and antiquity. Nothing tops a stay at one of its fanciest hotels while overviewing a magnificent and timeless capital that still speaks of its history.

Le Royal Hotel

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Le Royal Hotel, Amman
Le Royal Hotel, Amman | © Mahmood Salam / Flickr
This five-star hotel centered in the heart of the city, and provides access to all the highlighted areas surrounding it very easily. What makes this hotel a piece of art is not only its interior design, but its exterior light show beaming in the skies of Amman.

Four Seasons Hotel

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Four Seasons Hotel, Amman
Four Seasons Hotel, Amman | © press.fourseasons.com
The Four Seasons Hotel is crowned the most luxurious hotel in Amman. It has a majestic vibe engulfing it, with its uniquely put interior and breathtaking terrace that feels like a backdoor leading to a world of royalty.

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  • Al-Qasr Metropole Hotel

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    Al Qasr Metropole Amman
    Al Qasr Metropole Amman | © Abercrombie & Kent Jordan
    If you are seeking a less luxurious hotel, but with benefits of location and antiquity, this hotel is your gem. The Al Qasr Metropole hotel nestles in Shmeisani, a serene neighborhood surrounded by all necessities such as banks, supermarkets, pharmacies, gyms, and more, all found on every street.