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Your Photos Can Officially Come Alive and It's Going to Blow Your Mind
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Your Photos Can Officially Come Alive and It's Going to Blow Your Mind

Picture of India Irving
Social Media Editor
Updated: 20 October 2017
This is not science fiction. Researchers at the University of Tel Aviv along with two members of Facebook’s computational photography team have found a way to bring still photographs to life and it’s totally insane.

Previously, it would take multiple photos of a single face to animate a still image, but Israel has yet again jumped to the front of the tech crowd, discovering a means by which to bring your portrait to life using just one image of a single, neutral face.

A multitude of emotions can be created to show a full range of expression thanks to this impressive innovation, which uses film of different subjects making various faces. The device then maps what happens to the faces as the various expressions are made.

These maps can then be transferred onto the single image of another person to recreate those same expressions. You may see, for example, the dimples that pop through our cheeks when we smile, or the way we squint our eyes when we are unsure about something.

Amazingly, this technology works beyond just selfies, it can also be applied to change facial expressions on paintings, old photographs and even emojis!

Watch out folks, looks like your next Facebook profile pic could very well be animated.