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What's On In Tel Aviv | Weekend June 9th -11th, 2016
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What's On In Tel Aviv | Weekend June 9th -11th, 2016

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Updated: 15 June 2016
As the beautiful month of June finally arrives, the summer truly begins to kick off in Tel Aviv. This weekend, the city has plenty of ways to enjoy the sun but also cool off from the heat! Don’t miss the International Student Film Festival, and while you’re at it, make sure to explore the culinary offerings of the city. So little time, so much to do; luckily, we’ve hand-picked the top options for you.

THURSDAY, June 9, 2016


FILM | 18th Annual International Student Film Festival

Until June 14th

Film and television students from over 30 countries around the world come together for a festival weekend filled with cinematic events, workshops, classes, parties and exhibitions.

International Student Film Festival

Courtesy of Tel Aviv University International Student Film Festival

FOOD | Cool Off At One Of Tel Aviv’s Top Ice Cream Joints

Summer is here, and with every day of June, it’s only getting hotter, so cool down with the best ice cream places in Tel Aviv. Each ice cream parlor uses the richest ingredients and offers an abundance of creative flavors and vegan options. Check out these six unique parlors to satisfy your sweet tooth.

©Vaniglia Instagram

Courtesy of Vaniglia


FRIDAY, June 10, 2016


DRINK | Try Out Craft Cocktails At Specialty Bars And Lounges

Liquor connoisseurs in Tel Aviv: head to these seven cocktail bars and have a drink (or two) from their specialty drink selections.

@Courtesy Of Bellboy Bar

Courtesy Of Bellboy Bar


ART | Soak In Some Culture At The Tel Aviv Museum Of Art

Catch Ydessa Hendeles’ exhibit – an artist who has developed her tightly choreographed tableau vivant – specifically for TAMA’s Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art. Hendeles’ narrative unfolds over three galleries in the museum, with a suggestive new departure referencing the apocryphal but deeply entrenched story of the veil of Saint Veronica from Christ’s Passion and a new ending in a mysterious crypt-like space.

From her wooden sleep Courtesy of Ydessa Hendeles

From her wooden sleep Courtesy of Ydessa Hendeles


FOOD | Grab An Authentic Bite

From classic hummus to Mediterranean fusion, here is a list of the top restaurants in Tel Aviv to get your Mediterranean culinary fix.

Hummus | © Basheer Tome/Flickr

Hummus | © Basheer Tome/Flickr


SATURDAY, June 11, 2016


ART| Gallery Talk At Zadik In Jaffa

Head to the scenic neighborhood Jaffa for a gallery talk with artist Ohad Shaaltiel about his current exhibition Fireworks at Zadik Art Gallery.

Courtesy of Zadik Art

Courtesy of Zadik Art

FOOD | Post-Weekend Celebrations Brunch

It’s no secret that Tel Aviv is the best city for brunch, and what better way to wind down a long weekend of fun, sun and celebrations than with a hugely satisfying brunch? Luckily, there are plenty to choose from: whether you’re craving a sweet concoction or a meaty breakfast, Tel Aviv has something for all kinds of brunch-goers.

Shakshuka Courtesy of Shem Levy

Shakshuka Courtesy of Shem Levy

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