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Unexpected Culinary Treasures In Israel's Gas Stations

Unexpected Culinary Treasures In Israel's Gas Stations

Picture of Yehudah Jacobs
Updated: 9 December 2016
In most Israeli gas stations, you’ll find a convenience store selling sandwiches, snacks and drinks. But unexpectedly you can also find some really good food too to sustain you while you’re on the road. We list some of the restaurants you can find in Israel’s gas stations.

Katzavim Ba’Emek

Katzavim Ba’emek is located between the cities of Nazareth and Haifa, in a small town called Ramat Yishai. A Katzav in Hebrew means “Butcher”, and the meat for the restaurant comes from the butcher shop next door. Katzavim Ba’Emek specializes in shwarma, with salads and sides produced in-house. What separates this shwarma from the rest is the way they slice and spice the meat with a spice blend composed of 16 different spices. If you find yourself in the north, stop for a quick and delicious bite of shwarma perfection.

Ha’alon 1 In the Delek Gas station, Ramat Yishai, Israel +972 4 9833336



Miniato is proof that you can find great sushi in hidden locations. Located in a gas station outside of Ceseria, Miniato specializes in great sushi. The sushi chef at Miniato doesn’t offer a large variety of sushi rolls, but the ones he makes are made to perfection. Whether its the sashimi or nagiri all of the sushi is presented beautifully and full of flavor.

Ceseria Interchange Paz gas station, Ceseria, Israel +972 4 6360812



Muza is an interesting place. Located in the south city of Arad on the way to the dead sea, Muza is a restaurant by day, gastro sports pub by night and a venue for live music as well. The menu at Muza has something for everyone. Pizza, pasta, salads, sandwiches, grilled meats and even Asian dishes, the menu really covers any craving that comes to mind. If you find yourself on the road to the south and you’re looking for a great bite with a beer from the tap, then Muza is a great place to check out.

Route 31 Alon gas station, Arad, Israel +972 8 997 5555



Humongous is the place for hamburger lovers in Israel and named after the size of its portions. They serve a variety of options from a classic hamburger with all the toppings, to a Mexican burger topped with a chipotle marinade and jalapeno peppers, the Italian with basil and pecorino romano, or the French burger topped with fois gras, dijon mustard and truffle oil and much more.

Rupin Junction, Paz Gas station, Emek Hefer, Israel +972 9 894 3656