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Courtesy of Tubi 60 Be’er Sheva
Courtesy of Tubi 60 Be’er Sheva

Tubi 60: What You Need To Know About Tel Aviv’s Hipster Drink

Picture of Jordana Hoffman
Updated: 22 February 2017
Last summer a drink hit the city of Tel Aviv and captured the attention of all its occupants – the drink? Tubi 60. Its flavor profile resembles something of limoncello mixed with ginger and gives the drinker a sense of being high, acting as a stimulant, which is contrary to most alcohols. But that isn’t the only thing that is a mystery about this curious drink. These are the five things you should know about Tel Aviv’s favorite hipster drink.

Tubi 60’s Creation

It almost seems as if this bitter drink simply appeared one day in the bars of Tel Aviv, but that’s not quite how it came to be. The drink was created in 2012 by two brothers from Haifa, who had the idea of creating an alcoholic drink that was superior in taste, smoothness and in its ability to give people a happy buzz. After a period of research and development and extensive collaboration with botanists and food specialists, Tubi 60 was born.

What’s In It

One of the bigger questions surrounding this drink is, what exactly is in Tubi 60? The bottle clearly states that it is 38 percent alcohol, which could account for the hallucinogenic effect, but after that, it becomes more enigmatic, only claiming to be made of high-quality alcohol, lemon juice and spices – that sounds fairly mysterious, not really revealing any of the ingredients other than lemon juice. But based on its effects, it has been speculated that one of those spices is a plant known as Khat. It’s a natural stimulant that counteracts the usual depressant of alcohol, giving the drink that sense of alertness, even when fairly intoxicated, and also providing you the energy to go out and dance the night away.

Where Is It Made?

It is not uncommon to find out where your favorite alcohol is made and take a trip to the distillery to see it being made – most places will even do tours. And with all the mystery that Tubi 60 has surrounding it, going to the factory sounds like a great idea to learn more about it. But if you had hopes of visiting Tubi 60’s factory, think again. The address for this factory leads you to a stone apartment building in Haifa, where the doors are locked, keeping the secrets of this drink hidden behind them.

Courtesy of Tubi 60 Be’er Sheva

Courtesy of Tubi 60 Be’er Sheva

Why Drink Tubi 60?

So with all the mystery surrounding this cloudy drink, why should you spend your hard-earned shekels on drinking it? Well, according to its devoted fan base, this is the drink you will want to start your night off with since it is a stimulant, which will keep you going for a fun night out on the town with a clear head. But most intriguing is the rumor surrounding this drink: that the morning after, the drinker will not feel the effects of the evening’s festivities, a hangover-free drink. But that’s just a rumor, so you will have to test it out yourself.

How To Drink It

So what is the best way to down this bitter beverage? Lots of people are fond of starting their nights out right with chasers, and Tubi 60 is one of those liquors that works perfectly as a chaser or shot. Luckily for those people who aren’t into chasers, that is not the only way to drink it; a popular method is to pour it over crushed ice and enjoy. A third option for those who find it hard to stomach the bitterness is to combine it with sparkling water, making it easier to drink. Shots, or mixed, this drink is a killer elixir to start the night.


By Jordana Hoffman