The Top Takeaways In Tel Aviv

The Top Takeaways In Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv is full of takeaway street food spots,after all there is a falafel place on almost every corner. But what about places where you can find New York-style gourmet, ready-to-eat and elegantly packed food? We explore some standouts of the city’s new inspired takeaway trend.
Takeat Courtesy Jael Ancker


Takeat, a small location with a very clean look on Herzl Street, prides itself on serving organic and natural food made from scratch, for very reasonable prices. There is a bar where you can sip their organic coffee but otherwise their attractively pre-packed food is on the display shelves. All sandwiches are made with their own homemade sourdough bread, baked during the night. The salad Nicoise is absolutely delicious. They are vegan friendly too.

Greenwhich Courtesy Jael Ancker

Greenwich is located on the trendy HaHashmonaim street and is a mix of a café, bakery, food shop and a gourmet takeaway place with a uniquely New York ambience. Enjoy a light lunch or coffee with their freshly baked pastries, and their choice of pre-packed salads, sandwiches and desserts in cute jars. Try their delicious salad with zucchini, black lentils and yogurt.

Cafetery Courtesy Jael Ancker


Cafetery was the first business to open up in Sarona, and the first with gourmet takeaway food. Enjoy a cup of coffee (to go) relaxing on their covered terrace. In the glass displays you will discover their beautifully packed sandwiches and salads. The salmon sandwich is particularly recommended.

LunchBox Courtesy Jael Ancker

At LunchBox professional chefs collaborate with dieticians to prepare daily fresh and nutritionally balanced takeaway meals made with natural ingredients. Their menu is divided into different ‘boxes’: breakfast box, lunch box, dessert box, main dish box, sandwich box, and salad box. The nutritional content of the food is displayed on the package. LunchBox differs from other gourmet takeaway places by selling cooked takeaway food. Lunchbox is a great choice for vegans too, with many tofu- and vegetable-based dishes.

Cofix Courtesy Jael Ancker

Last but not least is Cofix, which has a very good choice of pre-packed sandwiches, desserts and vegan cooked dishes. Pastries are not pre-packed but are heated on request. In Cofix you can have a cup of coffee anyway you like it. When they opened a year-and-a-half ago they created a revolution by selling all their products for a fixed price of 5 shekels. They started with one branch and have now over 70 branches and the number keeps growing.