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Top Airbnb Penthouses In Tel Aviv, Israel

Top Airbnb Penthouses In Tel Aviv, Israel

Picture of Wani Azahar
Updated: 21 October 2016
From breathtaking sea views to private pools and staggeringly chic interiors, we’ve got our eyes (and hearts) locked on these incredible Tel Aviv Airbnb penthouses.
The Boutique Rooftop Suite
The Boutique Rooftop Suite | © Golan Tambor


For Boutique Luxury: The Boutique Rooftop Suite

This amazing rooftop suite is situated in Neve Tzedek, a neighborhood in the heart of Tel Aviv that is home to myriad swanky restaurants and chic boutiques. Nestled at the top of a restored boutique, The Boutique Rooftop Suite is the ideal vacation home. Its state-of-the-art amenities, an open plan kitchen and bespoke decor would satisfy even the most discerning travelers.

Start the day right with a nice, warm shower in the marble-enclave bathroom or enjoy a cup of hot coffee thanks to the Nespresso machine that’s readily available. The master bedroom is adorned with a king-size bed and an ensuite bathroom stocked with fresh towels and specialty soaps from locally owned Sabon.

In addition to its great interior amenities, the true highlight of this apartment is its hot tub located on the outdoor deck. The deck has panoramic views of the neighborhood. The five-person tub includes 42 power pro jets to help you relax any stress away.


The Inner City Penthouse
The Inner City Penthouse | © Tidhar Tzur

For Convenience: The Inner City Penthouse

Avid shoppers will love this unassuming penthouse, ideally located just a short 50 meters away from Tel Aviv’s popular shopping belt, Dizengoff Street. Guests will also enjoy a clean and modern bathroom and a large terrace to enjoy a good barbecue or simply laze around on the sun loungers.

Don’t be fooled by its compact size, as this penthouse can comfortably accommodate up to 4 people. With its private elevator entrance, you are ensured some serious privacy and security throughout your stay.

Thanks to its convenient location, simply exit the apartment to soak in all that bustling Dizengoff Street has to offer. You can start the day with a nutritious breakfast at any of its many cafés, explore the Dizengoff Center mall and later grab a drink at one of the many bars and restaurants in the area.


The Luxurious Jaffa Penthouse
The Luxurious Jaffa Penthouse | © Tidhar Tzur

For A Family Holiday: The Luxurious Jaffa Penthouse

A seamless union between the old and the new, you simply cannot miss out on this spacious penthouse in Jaffa. It boasts four beautiful bedrooms, two bathrooms and is beautifully furnished with all necessary amenities such as WIFI, Cable TV in each room and a Nespresso machine. Additionally, a mobile phone with an Israeli SIM card is included in order to be available at all times and to easily interact with locals and local businesses.

Its location in the center of Jaffa’s ever-popular flea market makes it easy for travelers to become enthralled by the beauty of Old Jaffa, where interesting finds and unique artifacts abound. Plus, it is a short 5 minutes walk away from the beach, where the whole family can enjoy an evening stroll or pop into one of the many restaurants overlooking the beautiful coastline.


The Ahad Ha'am Penthouse
The Ahad Ha’am Penthouse | © Lior

For Bauhaus Beauty: The Ahad Ha’am Penthouse

Boasting a chic modern interior, this duplex penthouse honors its surrounding Bauhaus architecture. The Ahad Ha’am Penthouse features two stunning bedrooms, two contemporary bathrooms, a vast living area and an airy open-concept kitchen. The furnishing are also incredible, including luxurious leather loungers, a plush sofa, sleek kitchen countertops and carefully selected wall art.

Its convenient location just off Rothschild Boulevard also plays a huge advantage to the guests. On Rothschild, there are plenty of bars, coffee houses, restaurants and stores to ensure that your stay will never be dull.


The Kerem Hateimanim Penthouse
The Kerem Hateimanim Penthouse | © Anton Pilz

For a Low-key Stay: The Kerem Hateimanim Penthouse

Understated chic are the two words that best describe this duplex penthouse on Kerem Hateimanim. Nestled at close quarters to the famous Ge Ula Beach, this penthouse pays tribute to the surrounding Jewish Sefaradi culture with its beautiful decor. This vast duplex penthouse can comfortably accommodate up to nine people in its two bedrooms, two living areas and 2.5 bathrooms. It is also fully furnished with all the essentials such as WiFi, AC, cable TV, a fully equipped kitchen and a large terrace.

What comes off as the most interesting part of this apartment is the close attention to detail evident in its decor. Guests will enjoy elements such as plush outdoor seating, comfortable furnishings and interesting wall arts that intertwine to create aesthetic harmony within the space. Additionally, the prime location, near to a vibrant mix of cafes, juice bars, restaurants, pubs and the beach, is perfect for fun-seekers and avid urban explorers.


The Smolenskin Penthouse
The Smolenskin Street Penthouse | © Ron Peer

For A Private Rooftop Pool: The Smolenskin Street Penthouse

Imagine sitting by the pool with a drink in hand as you take in the breathtaking skyline views of Tel Aviv. Now make that daydream into reality with the exclusive experience you can have at the Smolenskin Street Penthouse. This newly renovated one-bedroom apartment has a sleek interior that is as romantic as it is modern. It features an airy living room, fully equipped kitchen and, best of all, a private swimming pool with a fully connected audio system on the rooftop terrace.

As for the private corners of the home, travelers can look forward to a comfortable queen-sized bed and cable TV in the bedroom, where you can wake up to an incomparable view of the Mediterranean Sea. Also, the spacious living room features a sofa bed that could easily accommodate another two people if you’re traveling in bigger groups.

Outside the apartment are beautiful beaches such as Gordon, Frishman and Bograshov, along with interesting cafes and stores where you can while away the hours. You can also walk to the famous Carmel Market where you will find a wide variety of fresh produce, meats, and cheeses in addition to great souvenirs to bring home from your beautiful holiday.


The Sheinkin Penthouse
The Sheinkin Penthouse | © Miriam Calfon

For A Sleek Staycation: The Sheinkin Penthouse

Locals who are looking to take a short break should check out this amazing penthouse tucked on Sheinkin Street, near the famous Carmel Market. The Sheinkin Penthouse houses two bedrooms that can cater up to six people, two modern bathrooms, a breezy living area, a fully equipped open-plan kitchen and a spacious outdoor balcony. The decor is modern, with dominantly white furnishings lined with glass accents and a huge television for your entertainment.

The balcony features an ensemble of simple outdoor furniture with a modest barbecue pit that is perfect for lazy summer days. Since convenience is paramount in this apartment, drivers can look forward to easy parking via the private garage. Otherwise, public transportation is readily available for your added convenience.

Don’t miss out on the Carmel Market and other nearby attractions along Rothschild Avenue where you can easily find a plethora of popular restaurants like the highly recommended Mediterranean bistro Social Club.