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The Top Tel Aviv Start-Ups To Watch Out For
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The Top Tel Aviv Start-Ups To Watch Out For

Picture of Ben Argeband
Updated: 15 November 2016
Tel Aviv is a great place to be for thriving entrepreneurs, innovators, app lovers, web gurus, or anyone who just has an idea: things are created here. Check out these five up-and-coming Tel Aviv start-ups that if you haven’t heard of yet, you will likely be hearing about very soon.

Store dot – Flash Batteries

Charging your phone or electric car will be a problem of the past. StoreDot batteries take just 30 seconds to fully charge your phone and five minutes for an electric car that covers a 300-mile journey. We’ll hopefully be seeing StoreDot batteries in our phones and electric cars soon.

Magic Leap – Augmented Reality Vision

A super-secret start-up that raised $542 million dollars from Google from just a pitch. Magic Leap is rumored to be creating the world’s most advanced augmented reality technology, dubbed Cinematic Reality™. Founded by an American-Israeli, their development center just opened in Tel Aviv. Applications for the glasses will be limitless, but school kids will soon be interacting with dinosaurs in classrooms as opposed to sifting through textbooks. Intense.

(P.S.- Check out what a game played on Magic Leap looks like here.)

Fair Fly – Save Money On Your Airfare Automatically

88% of people don’t recheck their airfare price after booking, but ticket prices still fluctuate up until the flight boards. FairFly constantly checks your airfare after you’ve booked your flight, and if the price declines, FairFly notifies you right away. Rebooking is done in seconds through the app. The cancellation fee is taken into account, and you’ll only be notified if the difference is well worth it. Traveling soon?

Meeple – Meet People

Meeple connects tourists and locals for any joint activity. Meeple’s growth is on the rise and competes with meet-ups from the likes of CouchSurfing, but without the hidden “I wonder if I can stay over tonight” elephant in the room that may coincide with CS. Simple. Needed. Pure fun.

Rep’nUp – Clean Up Your Online Reputation

Rep’nUp uses complex algorithms to detect posts and photos that may be considered controversial in the eyes of HR professionals and university admissions staff. A free trial will detect sexually explicit content, alcoholic beverages and other questionable posts.

Honorable Mentions

Moovit – Hyper-accurate real-time public transport information in your city.

BillGuard – Prevent unauthorized use of your credit card and track your spending.

MapMe – Build a community map. Free.