Tel Aviv Chefs To Follow On Instagram

Tel Aviv Chefs To Follow On Instagram
Next time you have craving for some of Tel Aviv’s finest and most inspired cuisine, hop onto Instagram. Some of Tel Aviv’s best chefs are sharing photos of their most delicious work, which will certainly be a feast for your eyes. Where to begin? We’ve compiled a list of Tel Aviv’s top chefs on Instagram.
Omer Miller’s Cuisine © Sarit Goffen

Omer Miller

Well-known for his fusion cuisine joining European recipes and Asian ingredients, Omer Miller is a highlight of Tel Aviv’s food scene as a chef at Tel Aviv’s much-reviewed HaShulchan and The Dining Hall restaurants. With upwards of 35,000 Instagram followers, Omer Miller is definitely one of the more popular and internationally visible Israeli food personalities. His strong Internet presence comes on the heels of participation in celebrity cooking shows on local TV.

A cooking session with Eyal Shani © Yosi Taguri

Eyal Shani

Something of a cooking-competition-show personality, Eyal Shani maintains an Internet presence through interviews for food podcasts and an Instagram page with a 26,000-strong following. Similar to his discussions of individual meals and culinary arts, his snapshots are as much about a poetic, almost artistic, and reflexive perspective on the preparation of food, as they are about the finished products that his work in the kitchen leads to. His recipes border on surreal combinations of ingredients, such as mastic tree gum, that reinvent usual meals into creations with a touch of a culinary auteur. Not surprisingly, Eyal Shani’s food joints represent contemporary Israeli cuisine not only in Tel Aviv, as an emerging capital of fine dining, but also in Paris, where it has drawn an intensive appreciation.

Yaron Shalev

Drawing the attention of just over 11,000 Instagram users, Yaron Shalev’s Mediterranean cuisine generates consistently positive reviews. Serving Italian-style gourmet food with specialty ingredients in a smart-set atmosphere, his establishment is ranked among top Tel Aviv’s restaurants. The pictures Yaron Shalev takes on Instagram reflect, therefore, not only his culinary prowess, but also the design, social and professional aspects of acting as a chef at a trendy dining spot.

A dish by Meir Adoni © Sarit Goffen

Meir Adoni

Beyond being a star chef and his participation in reality-TV cooking shows, Meir Adoni also has over 10,000 followers on Instagram, where he presents his gastronomical creations to social media-savvy food lovers. His Instagram photos are minimalist and often include every-day scenes from kitchens and dining rooms, travel scenery and cooking events that Meir Adoni attends in between his chef duties at Mizlala and Catit restaurants. He also shares his recipes and meal close-ups via a free app that helps haute-cuisine lovers prepare select recipes that speak to a wide variety of tastes with tips, techniques and step-by-step instructions

Pronto Restaurant © Gil Eilam

David Frenkel

In tune with an Instagram popularity of upwards of 5,600 followers, David Frenkel is a rising star of Tel Aviv’s food scene whose fusions between Italian and local cuisine draws significant attention. His ascent to culinary visibility can be attributed to the growing popularity of his Instragram account. As becomes the Mediterranean kitchen, Frenkel’s elaborate dishes are liberally combined with a selection of European wines that add a light note to his photo stream.