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Top Spots for Sweet Treats In Tel Aviv, Israel

Top Spots for Sweet Treats In Tel Aviv, Israel

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Updated: 9 February 2017
The Tel Aviv scene provides diverse cuisine, from simple street foods to intricate gourmet dishes. Dessert is essential, right? Here is our curated pick of the top desserts in Tel Aviv, to satisfy your sweet tooth.
nola bakery tel aviv
Mississippi mud pie | Courtesy of NOLA American Bakery

NOLA American Bakery

If you’re craving American indulgences, NOLA American Bakery provides New Orleans traditional desserts with an Israeli twist. From their delicious savory food to their specialty desserts, Nola knows how to insert nostalgia into every single meal. A top choice is the Mississippi mud pie, with it’s graham cracker crust and a rich ‘muddy’ baked chocolate filling with pecans; topped with whipped cream chocolate and more pecans, it’s the ultimate indulgence.

Nola American Bakery, Dizengoff 197, Tel-Aviv, 03-523-0527


tapeo dessert tel aviv
Frutas con crema | Courtesy of Tapeo


Tapeo provides an abundance of tapas meals serving unique Spanish cuisine. The fun atmosphere is evident in the food choices, and more specifically the desserts themselves. Frutas con crema is undoubtedly one of the favorites on the menu. It’s a crisp spanish tuile with white chocolate cream, served with seasonal fruit and fresh raspberry sauce. It’s a wonderful dessert for warm or cold weather, a fail-safe treat for your palate.

Tapeo, Haarbaa 16, Tel-Aviv, 03-624-0484


creme brulee night kitchen tel aviv
Creme brûlée lollipops | Courtesy of Night Kitchen

Night Kitchen

If you love french sweets combined with a fun, trendy atmosphere, you will love this place. One particular dessert that stands out are the crème brûlée lollipops. Instead of serving Crème brûlée in a boring, traditional way, Night Kitchen adds a fun new twist to it, appealing to the nostalgic child within us.  The contrast between the frozen soft core and the crunchy hot exterior makes this dessert absolutely heavenly.

Night Kitchen, Lilienblum 43, Tel-Aviv, 03-566-0481


red velvet tel aviv
Oreo cookie | Courtesy of Red Velvet

Red Velvet

This cute red shop boasts legendary cupcakes, brownies, whoppers, fudge and banana pudding, the list goes on. Red Velvet’s must-try specialty is cupcakes, and the most unusual dessert that can only be found here is the giant Oreo cookie. The outside is a soft and chewy chocolatey exterior with an inside of vanilla cream, perfect for those with a sweet tooth. Besides, who is ever satisfied with one small Oreo?

Red Velvet, Ibn Gabirol Street 9, Tel Aviv, 076-540-2022


malabi hamalabiya tel aviv
Vanilla cinnamon malabi | Courtesy of Hamalabiya


Hamalabiya specializes in Malabi, a middle-eastern milk pudding served hot or cold. It’s rose flavored sweetness and light, creamy texture will have you savoring it until the last bite. Moreover, the people behind the counter will keep you coming back for more. Hamalabiya’s remarkable dessert is so delicious that you will inevitably want to try all the varieties, the vanilla cinnamon malabi is a must-try. With vanilla and cinnamon blending effortlessly in each bite, it’s light yet filling and the perfect combination for winter or summer.

Hamalabiya , 28 Gedera, Tel Aviv, +972 77-432-6051