Why Coffee Is More Than Just A Drink In Tel Aviv

Why Coffee Is More Than Just A Drink In Tel Aviv
We have now entered into the third wave, a life where coffee isn’t instant anymore, where a dash of milk isn’t added and a sachet of sugar is no longer a thing. People love coffee not just for the taste and effect, but for the experience that comes with it. Tel Aviv has embraced this third wave, adapted it to its own lifestyle and gone one step further.
Coffee at Cafelix Café Courtesy Stefanie Amini

What Is The Third Wave Coffee Exactly?

Don’t be afraid: it’s not some evil coffee dictator forcing you to buy expensive beans and thus enduring caffeine fixes and sleepless nights for eternity. This is the eco system where people appreciate coffee for more than just face value. Third-wave coffee lives up to the highest form of culinary appreciation, so that you may enjoy the finer and subtle flavors, varieties, and the source of the beans.

It’s all in the cup Courtesy Stefanie Amini

It’s All in the Cup

Some say it’s all about the cup you drink the coffee in that truly gives you the experience. Many cafes and restaurants will offer the coffee to you in a ceramic cup unless you ask otherwise. Some true coffee experts will say this is right, but there is an art, an experience and perhaps even a better taste experience when the coffee is served in a glass cup. Many cafes in Tel Aviv will give both options. Nahat Cafe in Kikar Dizengoff has its own unique set of cups for serving their beautiful coffee. They get their fun multi-colored mugs from a great company called Acme cup & Co, based in New Zealand. Nahat are the first to have them here in Israel.

Roasting the coffee beans Courtesy Stefanie Amini

Roasting it Just Right

When many cafes launch, they don’t focus on the coffee itself being the experience, but the place, service and setting. Cafelix did something different. They started their own roastery right in the heart of Jaffa, Tel Aviv and started serving their own coffee in whatever style the coffee lover wanted. This was something that people hadn’t really seen in Israel. They source their own beans, roast them to perfection and allow you to be part of the experience. They offer their own blends, as well as single origins.

People Watching Courtesy Pixabay

People Watching

Tel Aviv is a vibrant city, and there is always something going on to feed the mind and soul. Many people’s greatest past time is sitting in a favorite cafe and people watching. Grab a couple of friends, choose your favorite cafe in a cool area, order your favorite style of coffee and just sit back and enjoy the passing traffic. Some great people watching spots are Cafe HaBima and Cafe Landver.

Family Feel

Your favorite coffee is nothing if you don’t feel at home. Try Bucke on Ahad Aham in Tel Aviv; apart from offering great tasting coffee, they also know each and every one of their frequent customers by name, always say hello, and come and have a chat while your food and drinks are being prepared.

The Coveted Latte Art

Now, of course latte art does not guarantee a tasty coffee, but it does feed the eyes and your Instagram posts. Everyone is bringing in baristas who focus on creating beautiful latte art for their customers to add to the coffee experience. Weekends aren’t just for resting and seeing family, its about going out, meeting friends and family and enjoying food and drink together. When art meets coffee, the experience is all that better.