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One-Time Volunteering Opportunities In Tel Aviv
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One-Time Volunteering Opportunities In Tel Aviv

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Tel Aviv has many things to offer, from its nightlife to restaurants, beaches, art, and so much more! It is also home to some of the most unique and meaningful volunteering experiences. Whatever your passion, Tel Aviv has something for you. Here are our picks for the best one-time opportunities for volunteer work in Tel Aviv.
Urban gardening | © HaRav Kuk Community Garden
Urban gardening | © HaRav Kuk Community Garden

For Urban Gardeners: Community Gardens

About the Community Gardens: The Tel Aviv municipality has many projects to keep the city green. One of them is the Community Gardens project, where members of the community can grow their own vegetables and get involved in a special communal project. The gardens are located in various neighborhoods around the city.

How you can help: Make new garden-beds, prepare the land, plant vegetables and join the green community effort.

For Foodies: Lasova Soup Kitchens

About Lasova: Since 1990, Lasova Soup Kitchens has been providing needy individuals with their basic needs: food, shelter, and clothing. The Lasova Soup Kitchens provide a warm and nutritious meal for 2,300 people per day, free of charge and without any need of identification or proof of need.

How you can help: Creating a dining experience, serving food to diners, and arrange the dining area for festive Friday meals.

For Photography Aficionados: Israeli Faces

About Israeli Faces: The Israeli Faces initiative strives to portray an image of Israel and its citizens by presenting the cultural Israeli story, as opposed to the political narrative.

How you can help: Take photos that relate to Israeli culture that will then be posted on the Israeli Faces website and social media pages. The photos can be of anything from special places, to events, people, holidays, or even a night out in the city!

SOS Pets | © SOS pets
SOS Pets | © SOS pets

For Animal Lovers: SOS Pets

About SOS Pets: SOS Pets aims to reduce the suffering of homeless pets by finding them permanent homes, taking care of those injured or ill, locating their owners and educating citizens in the community in how to aid homeless animals.

How you can help: Volunteers can foster a cute dog or cat for a night or two (all necessary food and equipment provided by SOS Pets), and help out at adoption events held every Friday and Saturday in Tel Aviv and Herzliya.

volunteering in Tel Aviv
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For Old Souls: HaKerem Multi-Service Day Center for Seniors

About HaKerem Day Center: HaKerem Multi-Service Day Center for Seniors, located in Tel Aviv’s Yemenite Quarter, offers a wide variety of services for senior citizens such as health care assistance, fun physical activities, and educational classes.

How you can help: Assist in classes and activities, such as English language learning, arts and crafts, ceramic, and knitting, or start your own!

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