The Top Live Music Venues In Tel Aviv

The Top Live Music Venues In Tel Aviv
Whether you’re a seasoned local or a curious traveler, Tel Aviv is a hub for an eclectic mix of local and outsourced music. It doesn’t matter which genre of music you’re into – pop, jazz, or reggaeton – these five venues are sure to please even the most niche music lover.
Deerhoof at Barby Tel Aviv © Jonathan Rauch/Flickr


A well-known venue amongst those in the Tel Aviv indie rock scene, Barby is a place where you can hear old favorites and discover new favorites as well. Both well-established international artists and up-and-coming Israeli indie rockers are given equal chance to play Barby’s grand stage. Barby regularly plays host to artists in the underground rock scene and upcoming concerts include Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore and NYC cult rockers Blonde Redhead. Tickets are reasonably priced and, although the space is huge, the experience still feels intimate.

Habiluim at Zappa Club © Beny Shlevich/Flickr

Zappa Club

With outposts in major cities across Israel including Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa, Zappa Club offers a range of musical performances, including well-known and local artists like Hadag Nachash, as well as prominent electro-funk imports like Cut-Copy and Animal Collective. Its location in North Tel Aviv, away from the hustle and bustle of the downtown nightlife, makes Zappa unique, and its diversity of musical performances provides numerous choices for a memorable experience.

Levontin 7

For those out there who believe variety is the spice of the life, Levontin 7 offers nightly performances that are sure to satisfy anyone’s musical taste. On any given night, this bar/dance club is likely to have an unpredictable and assorted lineup, with music ranging from afro-funk artists to classical jazz. It’s the type of spot that you and your friends can go to on a whim and be guaranteed a great time. For those who come hungry or thirsty, their bar serves up some excellent drinks and their vegan pizza is sure to hit the spot between DJ sets.

Radio EPGB © Yuval Erel

Radio EPGB

With its graffiti-painted inner décor purposefully reminiscent of the famous CBGB music club in New York City, stepping into this actual underground bar transports you to a scene with elements that feel both familiar and new. The wrap-around square bar, situated in the center, is the meeting point for both the artists, like up and coming alt-rock regulars The Cut Out Club, and locals alike to sit and have a post-show beer together. Come for the music, which on most nights is free, and stay for the warm and friendly vibes.

Hayarkon Park

If the underground music scene just isn’t your style, Park Hayarkon has something to offer you. Many great artists have graced the lawns of this grand music space, from legends like Michael Jackson and The Rolling Stones, to Justin Timberlake and Rihanna just last year. Tickets to see any of these international artists may be a bit pricier than the aforementioned venues, however the lush scenery and excellent selection of artists are well worth it.