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The Top Late Night Snack Spots In Tel Aviv

The Top Late Night Snack Spots In Tel Aviv

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Updated: 8 November 2016
Tel Avivians are known for their late nights and partying spirit. After a fair share of dancing and drinking, a good late night snack is much needed to soothe an empty stomach before heading home. These snack spots offer a diverse range of flavors from around the globe and are located within a kilometer radius from the center of the city.


Wolfnights burgers combine the gourmet and the fast food burger utopia. Their freshly prepared meat consist of a selection of lamb and beef. The toppings are quite diverse to compliment your burger with a slide of emmental cheese and a sunny side up egg. The gourmet touch brings out a superior taste and quality of the meat and the clean cut dining experience.

Wolfnights, 40 Lilenblum Street, Tel Aviv, Israel, +972 3 517 7155



These finger licking chicken wings will have you begging for more with their crunchy yet creamy flavors. The American-style wings do not limit themselves to the classic buffalo. Flavors from around the globe give an exotic taste to the familiar food, from the classic butter beer wings to Asian-style flavors of siracha , curry and coconut milk. On the side, their chizzled little sweet potatoes and onion rings are served in a miniature sized deep fryer .

Wings, 12 Herzl Street, Tel Aviv, Israel, +972 052 321 5757



For a late night Tex-Mex experience, Donkey will cater to your taco, quesadilla and burrito cravings. Their selection of toppings, ranging from mango salsa salad to rice and black beans will give your bundle of Mexican food a kick. Their meat toppings of steak, minced meat and chili con carne will compliment the wrap of your choice with a side dish of nachos and salsa.

Donkey, 77 King George Street, Tel Aviv, Israel, +972 3 647 5001


Fleishman Deli

Although many attempt to claim the deli sandwich throne, Fleishman Deli is a top competitor, giving foodies a hearty beef layered sandwich. The New York style sandwiches offer the typically beef piled display, yet this is paired with a thick, Moroccan bread called frena. Sandwiches can be packed with shredded beef, corn beef , smoked salmon or herring, and dressed with BBQ, chipotle and sour cream sauce. Side dishes are a scrumptious baked potato, sweet cabbage and refillable soda.

Fleishman Deli. 12 Herzl Street, Tel Aviv, Israel, +972 3 501 9667

Tony Vespa

This Roman style pizza haven boasts large platters of freshly garnished pies.Their rectangular shape means that each piece is carved out and sold by weight. Toppings consist of mozzarella and veggie combinations or sprucey pepperoni, tomatoes and basil. Open from around noon to early morning, Tony Vespa’s award-winning pizza has a few branches across the city, bringing in hungry Tel Avivians from every neighborhood.

Tony Vespa, 140 Rotschild Blvrd ,Tel Aviv, Israel +972 3 658 8888