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The Top 5 Galleries in the Kiryat Hamelacha Neighborhood
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The Top 5 Galleries in the Kiryat Hamelacha Neighborhood

Picture of Eva Kirilof
Updated: 4 March 2018
Tel Aviv is one of the most dynamic and creative hubs for contemporary art in the Middle East. Young and accessible to anyone craving culture, Tel Aviv has an impressive number of galleries showcasing both local and international artists. One neighborhood located in the very south part of the city has particularly witnessed the blossoming of art – Kiryat Hamelacha. We check out five of the best art galleries in the neighborhood.
Dvir Gallery, Mircea Cantor exhibition
Dvir Gallery, Mircea Cantor Exhibition | Courtesy of Eva Kirilof
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The Dvir Gallery

Running for over 30 years and exhibiting la crème de la crème of the local and international contemporary art scene, the Dvir Gallery is certainly one of the most renowned art spaces in Tel Aviv. The gallery made the big move to the south of the city over a year ago, welcoming its visitors to an amazing five storey building. This is not a classic white cube, but the Dvir Gallery presents all the sobriety that you will be expecting from a contemporary gallery. The Dvir could have been seen as out of place in the area, but managed to embrace its new location with success. They represent A-list artists such as Nelly Agassi and Adel Abdessemed.

Rosenfeld Gallery, Anna Lukashevsky exhibition
Rosenfeld Gallery , Anna Lukashevsky Exhibition | Courtesy of Eva Kirilof

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Rosenfeld Gallery

Created in 1952 by Eliezer Rosenfeld, the gallery has been directed by Zaki Rosenfeld since 1995. This is probably one of the most contemporary and exciting art space in Tel Aviv. Despite its long and successful history as one of the prominent galleries in the city, they accomplished an amazing transformation by moving to the area, and showing an art connected with its surroundings. They are now primarily focusing on contemporary art and scouting new talents.

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The Feinberg Projects

Located just a few steps away from the Rosenfeld Gallery, the Feinberg Projects Gallery is an innovative, avant-garde art space that you don’t want to miss during your visit of the Kyriat Hamelacha. Presenting local and international artists working with different mediums such as painting, photographs or video installation, the gallery offers to its visitors very cool and intimate experiences.

Feinberg Projects : Installation view of Alon Kedem Show by Ami Erlich
Feinberg Projects, Installation view of Alon Kedem Show by Ami Erlich | Courtesy of the Feinberg Projects Contemporary Art Gallery.

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Indie Photography Group Gallery

The Indie Gallery recently reopened in the heart of the Kyriat Hamelacha, becoming renowned for being a bright, confidential space. Founded by a group of visual artists in 2010, you instantly feel that it is a venue dedicated to creation and experimentation, unlike many commercial galleries. The Indie Gallery aims to promote young but also established photographers and video artists through their group exhibitions, curated with fierce and cutting-edge vision.

Indie Gallery: Orit Bertini work
Indie Gallery : Orit Bertini Work | Courtesy of Eva Kirilof

Raw Art Gallery

Art Gallery
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Raw Art Gallery

This quirky neighborhood is a perfect fit for the Raw Art Gallery. Established in 2005 in the Kyriat Hamelacha, the gallery presents a vanguard and engaged art from Israeli and international artists. With its eclectic exhibition programme from painting to sculpture or video art and installations, the gallery has a very impressive contemporary art collection to share with its audience and is without a doubt completely worthy of discovery.

By Eva Kirilof

Born and raised in Brussels, Eva Kirilof made her big move to Tel Aviv after her studies in Contemporary Art and Cultural Management. She is now running and curating The Bubblist a platform dedicated to the contemporary art creation with a special focus on the buzzing and innovative Tel Aviv art scene. Her main goal is to make art accessible to everyone, and gather art enthusiasts from all around the globe. Follow her arty adventures on Instagram , and join her on the blog Facebook page.

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