Best First Date Spots In Tel Aviv, Israel

Best First Date Spots In Tel Aviv, Israel
In the thriving and busy dating scene in Tel Aviv, people have an endless supply of bars to choose from for a first date. Here are the best ones that will hopefully help you woo that special person.
Mila Bar © YummyPick

Mila Bar

Located in the heart of Tel Aviv on Dizengoff Street, Mila Bar presents two advantages over the competition when looking for a date bar. First, they have one of the best happy hour specials in the city, which tends to attract the young and attractive locals. Secondly, the location of the bar is known for being an extremely trendy and a busy part of Tel Aviv, which presents the opportunity of running into friends while on a date. So if you want to be seen, this is the place go.

Imperial Cocktail Bar

In the past few years, a wave of fancier cocktail bars has taken over the Tel Aviv night scene. Unlike other local pubs, this cocktail hub has garnered the attention of singles far and wide. Imperial Cocktail Bar is by far the best cocktail lounge in the city. They offer more than 150 cocktails and recently, were named the best bar in Africa and the Middle East. Ideally, make a reservation a few days – or a week – in advance, as this popular hotspot fills up quickly.

Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar © STUART PIGOTT

Par Derriere

Tel Aviv presents many options for those looking for the classic, sophisticated wine bar experience. Most wine bars in Tel Aviv offer the same menu with a long list of wine and small selection of appetizers. Par Derriere has been the wine bar landmark in the dating community for those trying to impress a future partner. Located on King George Street, the entrance leads you through a small alley way but when you enter, you know you came to the right place. The whole bar screams romantic night out and ideal date spot.

Par Derriere © Ilan-Amihai.

Brown Hotel

Recently, Tel Aviv has become host to a selection of fancy boutique hotels. One of the most glamorous and most talked about is the Brown Hotel. Located not far from Carmel Market, this location exudes class. The Hotel’s lobby bar has become one of the trendiest spots on the date scene in Tel Aviv. The bar offers a top shelf selection with high-class cocktails, complete with bartenders who are extremely knowledgeable in the art of mixology. The atmosphere and vibes themselves combine well together to present a casual but highly elegant date spot.

Agnes Pub

No matter how many dates you have been on, there are inevitably some that are obviously going nowhere right from the start. Agnes Pub, located on Ibn Gabirol, has a well-stocked draft beer selection with great bar food. Agnes has become a more popular date spot in recent years, but is also ideal for ‘losing’ a date in the hubbub of the spacious downstairs. Whether trying to shirk an unwanted admirer or looking for the perfect place to share the gossip and aftermath with your friends, Agnes Pub is the place to be.