Top Cafés For The Virtual Nomad In Tel Aviv

Top Cafés For The Virtual Nomad In Tel Aviv
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Updated: 9 February 2017
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Tel Aviv is home to some great cafés geared for freelance workers, bloggers and those who just want a quiet space to get things done. We list the best cafes for laptop tapping in the city.
Le Moulin © Steven Winston Photography

Le Moulin

Enter Le Moulin, a tiny café on Tel Aviv’s famous Bograshov Street. Quiet and rustic, the soft French music soothes as you indulge in freshly-baked goods. The staff are incredibly friendly and the homey feeling makes it easy and enjoyable to stay and work the whole day with no worries.

Café Nachat © Steven Winston Photography

Cafe Nachat is the newest laptop-friendly café in town. Situated on the eclectic and colorful Dizengoff Square, this café features an equally dazzling menu of unique sandwiches and a wide array of wine and beer. While Nachat tends to get packed on a Saturday morning, on weekdays it’s just the opposite. Its funky and charming vibes make it so you just want to grab a table and get working.

Nehama VeHetzi © Arden Rubens

One of Tel Aviv’s first ever cafés, Nechama VeHetzi is known for hosting some of Israel’s most famous writers, journalists, celebrities and bloggers on a daily basis. It’s a prime people-watching spot, especially as your fellow café-goers are probably famous in one way or another.

The Little Prince © Arden Rubens

The Little Prince, Tel Aviv’s favorite dual bookshop/café, is located in a lovely building and complete with floor-to-ceiling bookcases. Walk to the back of the creaky-floored hub and discover The Little Prince’s secret: a magical garden ideal for working outdoors in the spring.

Tolaat Sefarim © Arden Rubens

Tolaat Sefarim

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A wonderful bookstore/café overlooking the great Rabin Square, feel welcome in a warm and friendly library-like space. Feel free to browse the many books available in Tolaat Sefarim; from design, fashion, architecture to psychology.
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