Top 3 Reasons To Dine At Tel Aviv’s Beautiful Oasis Restaurant

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9 February 2017

One of Tel Aviv’s most innovative chef restaurants, Oasis delivers an international and flavorsome experience that is sure to dazzle even the most jaded of diners, with a menu that changes according to the availability of rare international ingredients, diners are in for a first-class culinary experience. The quality of the food is matched only by the restaurant’s dynamic atmosphere, infused with the energy of its charismatic chef, Rima Olvera. We present the top three reasons why an evening at Oasis is a not-to-be-missed event.

© Oasis/Tamar Matsafi

The Chef

Perhaps the one thing more colorful than Oasis’ food is its chef, Olvera. Chef Rima Olvera’s 30 years of experience in the world’s best kitchens and her cooking philosophy set her and Oasis apart from the pack. A native Californian who now calls Tel Aviv home, Olvera brings her international experience and perspective to every dish she and her impeccable team create. A true original and foodie pioneer, Rima consciously ignores food trends and industry standards, carefully thinking about the structure and philosophy of each dish on her own. Rather than re-creating classic dishes, Rima likes to provide her diners with the opportunity to experiment with a strategically combined symphony of unique flavors from around the world.

© Oasis/Tamar Matsafi

Olvera has truly dedicated herself to her craft. Don’t expect to see Olvera casually wandering in and out of the restaurant, rarely to be seen. She is the backbone of the operation, and puts in countless hours in Oasis’s kitchen. As she puts it, ‘I am a chef, and I work in my service.’ Bypassing foodie trends and hype, she cooks according to an international standard on which she refuses to compromise. Olvera’s passion, dedication and tireless vision permeate each and every dish.

Wonder what Olvera does when she isn’t in the kitchen preparing delicious and inventive dishes at Oasis? She loves spending her free time eating and drinking with her husband at some of the city’s premier restaurants, including Milk Bakery in Yafo, Il Pastio, Hotel Montefiore, Brule for wine or Yakimono for Japanese delicacies. Her favorite cities include Istanbul, Bangkok, Rome, Hong Kong and Mexico City.

© Oasis/Tamar Matsafi

The Concept

Oasis is a seasonal restaurant in the purest sense of the word. Every ingredient is only used at its naturally optimal time. As such, the menu changes constantly based on the choicest seasonal ingredients, including those that are hand-picked from some of the world’s most exotic locations, or from Rima’s own rooftop garden in Tel Aviv. Be prepared to experience an intelligent, seasonal and structured pairing, which has been painstakingly envisioned and constructed. As Olvera put it, ‘Oasis is for someone who wants to be surprised.’

© Oasis/Tamar Matsafi

Olvera’s dishes are thoughtfully curated based on a deep understanding of the ingredients, the culture behind each location and flavor optimization. This is not ‘fusion,’ but rather, creations which represent deep respect towards the source and philosophy that is behind each dish. Rima collects goodies from all over the world from her own travels, and from friends, family and adoring diners who stuff exotic treats into their luggage for the staff at Oasis to experiment with and create. To match the international background of its ingredients, main dishes are labeled according to the airport from which their foundations arrived.

But don’t expect those Italian porcinis to stay on the menu for too long. Exotic and delicious as they may be, seasonal delicacies can sometimes only be found in the kitchen for one day. Change really is the only constant here.

© Oasis/Tamar Matsafi

The Decor

An unassuming exterior takes you into an equally cool, minimalistic yet highly refined interior of Oasis. The restaurant’s modern and spacious design provides the perfect backdrop to the open kitchen, buzzing with energy that seems to literally flow onto the diners’ plates. Diners can watch Olvera in action, providing a sense of involvement in the process of food creation.

Everything about the decor radiates innovation and beauty, from the bees’ nest style walls to the handmade wine-bottle collection chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Textures, lighting and fragrances blend together in perfect harmony. Take a peak into the secret garden around back and the origins of the restaurant’s namesake become clear, as the patio is a true urban oasis. The garden features a hydroponic vertical garden wall, a water feature and one of Tel Aviv’s oldest olive trees.

© Oasis/Tamar Matsafi

Sample Menu

Restaurant, Seafood, Vegetarian, $$$
Oasis, Tel Aviv-Yafo
Oasis, Tel Aviv-Yafo | © Oasis/Tamar Matsafi
With its menu changing almost daily, it is difficult to pin down a sample menu at Oasis. We’ve provided our top picks from an evening of tasting and sampling from the Oasis menu.
Appetizer: Fake Porcinis – These perfectly cooked mushrooms with porcini essence, salt and Italian parmesan will melt in your mouth.
Main course: Red wine flour pappardelle – Combine perfectly cooked pasta, flavorful and fresh radicchio and explosively delicious gorgonzola and you are sure to take part in a truly unforgettable flavor experience.
Dessert: ‘Rima’s Kiss’ – Fresh passion fruit tiramisu with mascarpone and ladyfingers in Jamaican rum and vanilla syrup.

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