Top 3 Must-See Places for Art Lovers in Rosh Pina

Top 3 Must-See Places for Art Lovers in Rosh Pina
Nestled on the slope of Mount Canaan—overlooking the Hula Valley and the Golan—there is the quaint town of Rosh Pina. Founded in 1882 as an agrarian village, time eventually proved it had little profit in tilling. However, given its picturesque location and small-town tranquility, artists soon discovered that it was the ideal location for fostering creativity.
© Amber Freeman 
© Amber Freeman 
© Amber Freeman 

The Jerusalem Chimes

When walking up David Shuv Street into Rosh Pina’s Historic Town, it is impossible not to notice the behemoth wind chime perched in a colossal eucalyptus tree. This marks the entrance of the store, workshop, and artist-in-residence quarters of The Jerusalem Chimes. Started in, 1993, this studio was the first in Rosh Pina and is still the only of its kind in Israel. The shop specializes in wind chimes, but it also has a variety of other wooden wind dancers, including ornamental stars of David, wooden ducks, messengers of universal love and peace in the form of candle holders, and a pendulum crafted to create sand-etchings. In his neighboring studio, artist and owner, Offer Rubin, is hard at work hand-making each item. ‘Each wind chime is tuned to a scale.’ He explains. He crafts his wind chimes to serve various functions. The one on the G scale helps a restless sleeper; while the G sharp soothes a troubled mind. Rubin offers internships to fellow wood-workers.

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Café Chocolatte

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שוקולטה ,Rosh Pina
שוקולטה ,Rosh Pina | © Amber Freeman
Rosh Pina may have started as an agrarian town, but today it is home to more Belgian chocolate than potatoes. A cobbled flight of steps leads to an antique building awash in art in all its delicious flavors. The building, which was originally an orphanage in the late 1800s, is now Café Chocolatte. Decorated with local art, the café offers hot cocoa, chocolate milk shakes, and even chocolate-based soup, liquor, and truffle popsicles. Visitors can also take a tour of the factory and participate in a chocolate-making workshop—where you can unlock the secrets of their soufflés, truffles, and fondue.
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Inbar’s Gallery

In the midst of Rosh Pina’s Historic Town, located behind the HaBaron Garden is Inbar’s Pottery Gallery, where artist and owner Inbar Raski has catered to the aesthetically and functionally minded for 16 years. Her gallery hosts an array of ceramics: plates, personalized mugs, dishware and bird-shaped Hanukkiah, to name a few. Everything in the gallery is made and painted by hand before roasting in a kiln. Raski also offers classes to both adults and children. The classes are held in groups and last for two to three hours. Pupils are given freedom to express themselves on the potter’s wheel, with paints, and in clay. Best of all, two weeks after the course, Raski ships the finalized piece to its creator.

By Amber Freeman

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