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10 Reasons Why Tel Aviv, Israel Is The Best City For Brunch
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10 Reasons Why Tel Aviv, Israel Is The Best City For Brunch

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Updated: 26 September 2016
Sunny Mediterranean beaches and first-rate nightlife are not all that Tel Aviv has to offer, it also happens to be an incredible city for brunch. The fusion between the locals’ laid back attitude, impeccably fresh produce and the incessant creativity of the urban culinary scene, facilitates a brunching culture in Tel Aviv that is satisfying and addictive. Although breakfast in Tel Aviv is incredible, brunch has been perfected in this city: here’s why.
Rothschild Boulevard
Rothschild Boulevard | © Chris Yunker/Flickr

1. Plenitude

There is an endless amount of options: nearly every street in Tel Aviv has at least one very good option for brunch. Menu choices cater to all tastes and comprise an extremely broad spectrum of price ranges. So whether it’s a glorious and colorful vegan breakfast you seek, available at the healthy cuisine Café Louise facing the picturesque Rothschild Boulevard, or some crispy bacon B.L.T in brioche at suburban gem Grinberg Bistro, Tel Aviv has something for everyone.

Café Louise, Rothschild Boulevard 9, Tel Aviv Israel +972-3-6494947

Grinberg Bistro, Uri Tsvi Grinberg St 25, Tel Aviv, Israel +972-3-6136132

Hotel Montefiore's Eggs Florentine
Eggs Florentine | © Or Hiltch/Flickr

2. Available Daily

Everyday of the week is a good day to brunch. In Tel Aviv, the delight of brunching is not exclusive to weekends. This is evident in the consistent attendance at Tel Aviv’s cafes every day of the week. Of course, brunching on eggs Florentine one sunny Saturday at the debonair Hotel Montefiore or indulging in a banquet-sized lavish brunch tray at the exquisite Claro in the Sarona complex, are excellent weekend activities, but why discriminate against the other days of the week? There’s nothing quite like a Tuesday brunch; sneak a break from your busy day and head to Cafe Nachmani and enjoy a hefty ‘Pizetta Morning’ laden with mozzarella, feta, goats cheese, spinach and eggs.

Claro, David Elazar St. 30, Tel Aviv, Israel +972-3-6017777

Hotel Montefiore, Montefiore St 36, Tel Aviv, Israel +972-3-564-6100

Café Nachmani, Nachmani St 26, Tel Aviv, Israel +972-3-566-3018

Habima Square
Habima Square | © Ted Eytan/Flickr

3. Around-the-clock

If you so desire; brunch is available at any given hour of the day, or night. Craving perfectly runny cream-drenched eggs Benedict with salmon or fluffy pancakes slathered in maple syrup, sprinkled with powdered sugar and berries at 2AM? No problem, just head on out to Benedict’s (at either of its locations around the city). Also, if you would like, you can have your eggs, tuna, bread and orange juice brunch-combo for dinner facing the White city’s esteemed Habima theatre at Nechama VaHetzi. But if it’s a bacon-heavy bagel bonanza craving in the afternoon, you will find what you need at Nola American Bakery.

Benedict, Ben Yehuda St 171, Tel Aviv, Israel +972 3-686-8657

Nechama VaHetzi, Ahad Ha’Am st 144, Tel Aviv, Israel +972 3-685-2326

Nola American Bakery, Dizengoff St 197, Tel Aviv Israel +972-3-523-0527

4. You don’t need a reason

In Tel Aviv, brunch is a festivity of colors and flavors that might make you feel as though you are celebrating a special occasion. But no, in this city an exciting brunch can be an integral part of your weekly lifestyle. You can sip a ginormous and delicious coffee out of a soup-bowl-sized mug at the chic Brasserie on a workday. Whenever you feel like it, you can casually indulge in the cheesy galore of a veggie frittata or the goose breast and fried egg debauchery brunch at inexpensive HaYelinka. You can also feast on an Italian-style brunch featuring fresh mozzarella and panzanella salad at the charming La Repubblica di Ronimotti, just because.

Brasserie, Ibn Gvirol 70, Tel Aviv, Israel +972-3-696-7111

La Repubblica di Ronimotti, Mazeh St. 3, Tel Aviv, Israel +972-3-647-0247

HaYelinka, Arlozorov St 76, Tel Aviv, Israel +972-3-5355220

Italian brunch
Italian brunch | Courtesy La Repubblica di Ronimotti

Thrifty eating

Restaurant, Israeli, $$$
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Chorizo Shakshuka
Chorizo Shakshuka | © Matthias Mueller/Flickr

5. Thrifty eating

Brunch is by far the most cost efficient meal you can eat out in the city; it always includes dips, bread and drinks along with your eggs. Whether classic and simple, or elaborate and adventurous, Tel Aviv’s brunches are the perfect combination of value for money, atmosphere, pleasure and cuisine. Even at the sophisticated Orna and Ella, located in a rather upscale neighborhood, their polished portions are very generous. Showcasing a replenished basket of fine baked goods, organic eggs fried in corn bread, cheeses, fresh salad, olives, jam, butter, hot or cold coffee and squeezed juice, their brunch prices are quite modest.

Orna and Ella, Shenkin Street 33, Tel Aviv, Israel +972 3-525-2085

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Chorizo Shakshuka
Chorizo Shakshuka | © Matthias Mueller/Flickr

East meets West

Cafe, Mediterranean, Israeli, $$$
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6. East meets West

The divine food-vention Shakshuka, originating from North Africa has been perfected in Israel. It counts as brunch and comes as a winning combination of fresh tomatoes, onions, peppers and spices cooked up with two eggs on top, served sizzling hot on the skillet. Shakshuka is also uniquely versatile: it is available in many variations, including Green Shakshuka based on spinach, leek and creamy goodness or, if you fancy, your Shakshuka can be adorned in seafood or chorizo. Even take your brunch to Mexico, with sirloin, cheese and chili Shakshuka in Cafe Sonya’s fairytale backyard.

Cafe Sonya Gatzel Shapira, Simtat Almonit 1, Tel Aviv, Israel +972 77-526-1234

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Fairytale Backyard
Fairytale backyard | © Noam, Jemima & Lila/Flickr

An art form

Cafe, American, Fusion, $$$
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Café Xoho’s Beer Bread Specials
Café Xoho’s Beer Bread Specials | © Zoe Komarin

7. An art form

Tel Aviv’s options are so diverse and creative that you will not be able to help yourself from instagraming your meal every time you brunch. Like when you order Cafe Xoho’s colorful and distinct beer bread special that you can munch on and enjoy sitting outside in the quaint wooden patio or you might find yourself photographing one of their mouth watering M&M-studded muffins against the backdrop of the cafe’s unique and artsy interior.

Café Xoho, Gordon St 17, Tel Aviv, Israel +972 72-249-5497

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8:00 am - 6:30 pm
8:00 am - 6:30 pm
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Café Xoho’s Beer Bread Specials
Café Xoho’s Beer Bread Specials | © Zoe Komarin

8. Location and ambience

In Tel Aviv, you can have your brunch facing the Mediterranean Sea. Either perched comfortably overlooking the shoreline, like at the upscale restaurant Seatara known for its delicious fish, or feeling the salty breeze from the sandy beaches themselves at Mona Beach or Lala Land, the brunching is always enhanced and complemented by the elements and ambience of each environment.

Seatara, Rosenblum Herzl 8, Tel Aviv, Israel +972 3-699-6633

Lala Land Restaurant, Herbert Samuel St 131, Tel Aviv, Israel +972-3-5293303

Mona Beach Tel Aviv, Hof Hatzuk, Tel Aviv, Israel +972 3-741-2735

Tel Aviv’s Mediterranean Beaches
Tel Aviv’s Mediterranean Beaches | © israeltourism/Flickr

9. Relaxed dining

Brunch is attainable in all the cozy nooks and side streets, on and just off of, the city’s famous boulevards. Even bookstores, like Bookworm, offer a gratifying brunch to give you a break from your long hours of work on the laptop. Whether you fancy a slow deli-style brunch with a splendid fish, cold cuts or cheese assortment at the trendy Delicatessen or seek out a quiet, simple yet delectable brunch at Bread and Co. in the aroma of freshly baked bread, brunch in Tel Aviv serves as a relaxing and unwinding activity.

Bookworm (Tolaat Sfarim), Mazeh St 7, Tel Aviv, Israel +972-3-535-7907

Delicatessen, Yehuda Ha Levy 79/81, Tel Aviv, Israel +972-3-968-1010

Bread and Co, Ben Yehuda St 128, Tel Aviv, Israel +972-3-624-7100

Colourful and flavourful Delicatessen brunch
Colourful and flavourful Delicatessen brunch | Courtesy Delicatessen

10. It’s practically a religion

Honestly, it doesn’t matter where you go, what corner of the city you wind up in or view you face, brunch in Tel Aviv is a sacred meal that transcends tradition and that is always satisfying, exhilarating, worthwhile and drop-dead delicious.