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8 Shared Co-Working Spaces In Tel Aviv

8 Shared Co-Working Spaces In Tel Aviv

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Updated: 29 September 2016
The co-work revolution is well in swing all over the world and Tel Aviv is no exception. It would make sense that with its coffee shop culture and 5000 start-ups that co-work spaces and Tel Aviv go hand in hand. This new cross between café, library, and work environment is the perfect space for anyone from students to techies to knuckle down and create something special.
Sosa | © Amit Goren
Sosa | Courtesy Amit Goren


SOSA, which stands for South of Salame, is located in South Tel Aviv and takes up four floors of a vintage industrial building. The traditionally industrial area is shifting towards a more creative neighborhood with an influx or artists, designers and tech start-ups. Their beautiful, uniquely crafted space promotes interaction, creativity and cross-collaboration amongst its members. The members are a select group of entrepreneurs who are developing their businesses and need an innovative and inspiring space to do so. They do not disclose any prices as it depends on the size of the company, the length of stay and type of accommodation, but there is a sliding scale basic membership fee.

SOSA, 13 Shocken St, Tel Aviv, Israel +972 3693 0900


Main space at the Library | © The Library
Main space at the Library | Courtesy The Library

The Library

As the Tel Aviv municipality sees it, this city is a thriving hub of creativity with the highest density of start-ups in the world – and whose only rival is Silicon Valley. To show their support to the tech ventures of its inhabitants, they opened The Library in 2001 in the heart of the business centre of Tel Aviv with panoramic views of the city, Jaffa and the Mediterranean Sea. They provide co-working office facilities and a professional structure for young tech visionaries. It encourages foreign professionals, investors and entrepreneurs to visit and join them in their events. A desk renting fee is 750NIS for three months and a conference room for 230NIS for three hours.

The Library, Migdal Shalom, Western Wing, 9 Ahad Ha’am, Tel Aviv, Israel, +972-3-5100244


Mazeh 9

Another municipality project is Mazeh 9, which has an emphasis on young residents. Over a third of the population of Tel Aviv is aged between 18-35, and the rising rent and living prices are pushing out young people who want to be part of the creative hub. The idea behind the four story building of Mazeh 9 is that it’s a space to serve the needs of the youth. As well as a subsidised working hub for social entrepreneurs, it houses career advisory, a housing centre, rehearsal rooms, study spaces and affordable art exhibitions. The aim here is to develop the relationship between local government and the young residents of the city to achieve a generation who feels they can contribute and make decisions about their city in some way. Have a look at their upcoming events here.

Mazeh 9, Tel Aviv, Israel + 03-5257490


Mindspace | © Liron Erel
Mindspace | Courtesy Liron Erel


This sleek but comfortable space makes Mindspace a popular choice for entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-ups, designers and as their memberships are flexible this means tourists or travelers also have the option for a great work environment. Located right in the middle of town, with their motto – ‘We want you to Feel, Link and above all Think’ – and up to date English Facebook page, it is no surprise this is the favorite of many expats and small-business owners.

Mindspace, Rothschild Blvd 45, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, *5850


The global network of WeWork is a community of creators, who have two locations in Israel, one being WeWork Dubnov which was launched in 2014. Their newly renovated stylish work spaces are aimed towards people who ‘work to make a life, not just a living.’ They have almost 18,000 members worldwide and an app with allows members to collaborate and connect online, as well as events which encourage communication between members. A space in their offices range from $180 (700 NIS) a month to $640 (2,500 NIS) per month.

WeWork, 7 Dubvov St, Tel Aviv, Israel *3053


Misanthrope | © Naama Knafo & Suzie Levinson
Misanthrope | Courtesy Naama Knafo & Suzie Levinson


The Misanthrope is a cross between a library, an office and a café. It is a strictly ‘no talking’ working environment, which is payable by the hour, day, week or month and has a help-yourself kitchen. Founded in 2010, it was one of the first co-working spaces in Tel Aviv and starting at 10NIS per hour, or 380NIS for a whole month, it has the cheapest membership schemes. There are several areas to suit each customer, with their motto being: To each his own lumbar support. Unlike most of the options, the Misanthrope isn’t limited by their interest in your work project or start-up. It is for anyone who needs a quiet work environment, but one that is fresh and inspiring – and not a stuffy old library.

Misanthrope, Frishman 43, Tel Aviv, Israel +972 747 031 805


Diaghilev patio | © Sasha Flit
Diaghilev patio | Courtesy Sasha Flit

Diaghilev Hotel & Hub

Inside the hip bohemian Diaghilev LIVE ART Boutique Hotel is the H&H, aka, Hotel and Hub. As well as the main workspace of H&H, members are invited to use the hotel areas which are usually exclusive to hotel guests. Due to the hotel environment, there is a constant flow of international techies, artists, curators, musicians and the like. The monthly membership is 500NIS which is fairly cheap considering the upscale feel and the design of the space. The Diaghilev hosts cultural events and art exhibitions which means being at the center of the creative scene.

H&H, 56 Mazeh street, Tel Aviv, Israel +972 542 040 380


The Junction| © Olivia Ben Israel
The Junction| Courtesy Olivia Ben Israel

The Junction

The interesting thing about The Junction is the ‘pay-it-forward‘ model, which means that whoever joins doesn’t pay in money, but in passing on their experience, expertise, connections and knowledge to fellow entrepreneurs. This means that small businesses can have an instant support system, as well as constant dialogue of ideas and cross pollination. Membership is available for three months, and ends with a demo day where 40 investors provide feedback, follow up meetings and connections. Members also have access to Google offices, as well as Google, Amazon, Microsoft Azue and SoftLayer Catalyst credit and support.

The Junction, Schocken St 13, Tel Aviv, Israel