The Best Places To Eat In Tel Aviv, Israel

Shawarma | © Vera Yu and David Li/Flickr
Shawarma | © Vera Yu and David Li/Flickr
When you’re strolling around the bustling city of Tel Aviv looking for that perfect bite, these places are the best on offer. These local and fresh joints offer an array of authentic treats – some hole in walls, others you need to look for – but all worth a visit.

The Market

In the center of Tel Aviv, you can enjoy a variety of hot soups, stews, sandwiches, and salads. All the ingredients are local and fresh, creating the most delicious dishes. The stew and soup are vegan, but you have the choice of adding chicken or tofu. The Market provides you with cheap food, but in generous and delicious portions.

Courtesy of The Seasonal Market ©The Seasonal Market

Ratzon Falafel

Falafel is Israel’s staple dish, and you can find it all over the city. But this falafel joint is special, as they promise the best quality for an inexpensive price. Ratzon’s Falafel is as cheap as it gets, but the quality is never compromised.


This falafel joint uses the best ingredients, which are ground 15 times a day to make the freshest falafel balls. Hakosem’s falafel is rich with different seasonings like coriander, cumin, sweet paprika and other local spices. Their falafels are recognized as one of the best in town, but make sure you don’t miss out on their homemade hummus.

Pasta Basta

This is a pasta lover’s heaven. You create your own pasta with their variety of different noodles, sauces and toppings, so each dish you create is different and always delicious. Pasta Basta is a quick, delicious and cheap meal and features a fun ambiance in which to enjoy your meal.

Courtesy of Jessica Fried ©Courtesy of Jessica Fried

Hummus Abu Dabi

For lunch or dinner, hummus is a huge part of Israel’s cultural cuisine, and this hummus place is where you should get your fix. Hummus Abu Dabi offers an abundance of different flavors and they all are made from the best ingredients. Enjoy fresh hummus in a fun Israeli-reggae environment.

Courtesy of Rebecca Carmi ©Courtesy of Rebecca Carmi


Deep within the Shuk HaCarmel is the most delicious Venezuelan food. Straight from Venezuela, Arepa’s brings Israel the best golden arepas, empanadas and patacones, all made from scratch daily. Be prepared to get messy.

Courtesy of The Curious Foodi ©Courtesy of The Curious Foodi

Sabbich Frishman

It all starts with one pita that is later stuffed with yummy eggplant, egg and potato. Add your own sauces and vegetables, and it’s a complete meal for a cheap price.