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Golden Skull | © Ela Ran
Golden Skull | © Ela Ran
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The Ultimate Purim Costume: Working With Makeup

Picture of Sigal Stark
Updated: 16 November 2016
Israel’s version of Halloween arrives in the springtime. Every year there is a parade of costume pop-up shops all over Tel Aviv, endless amounts of parties all weekend-long, and each year the expectation for costume originality grows and more and more people are opting for full theatrical makeup as their costume rather than the classic dress up ritual.

The tale of Purim takes place in ancient Persia. Queen Esther, secretly Jewish, is the savior of the Jewish people. At the urging of her cousin, Mordechai, she reveals the evil plot to eradicate all the Jews in the land by the King’s advisor, Haman. As an ode to the heroes of the tale, a plethora of Queen Esthers march along the streets every year on the way to school.

Purim Mask over Esther’s Megillah | © Danny Hurwitz/Flickr

Purim Mask and Esther’s Megillah | © Danny Hurwitz/Flickr

The older crowd dresses up in a myriad of costumes; from the famous Black Swan, Batman’s Ivy, and vampires, to fairies or zombies. The countless selection of costumes are being constantly revamped, excuse the pun, to make up characters.

Skeleton | © Ela Ran

Skeleton | Courtesy of Ela Ran

Sometimes, all you need is just a made up face and the whole costume comes to life. There are plenty of makeup artists in the city ready to transform you, including Ela Ran, who specializes in theatrical makeup especially for Purim; her favorite being the golden skull design. If creating a look at home is more your stye, makeup kits are available in any costume shop in the city, and everyday makeup already found at home can of course also be manipulated to create quite the guise.

Comic Book Character | © Ela Ran

Comic Book Character | Courtesy of Ela Ran

Israelis love a reason to party, day or night, and Purim is no exception, especially when it is a mitzvah to drink. Many bars and restaurants are adorned with festive decorations, house parties are in abundance, and the yearly Adloyada Purim Parade takes place.

Adloyada Purim Parade | Courtesy of WikiCommons

Adloyada Purim Parade | © Dr. Avishai Teichner/WikiCommons

If makeup as a costume sounds like straying too far from tradition, there are pop-up costume shops all over Tel Aviv, like boo Purim, the countless stores up and down Kfar Gil’adi Street, and Brurya in Dizengoff Center.