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Courtesy of Teddy Cohen
Courtesy of Teddy Cohen

The Ultimate Instagram Guide For Tel Aviv

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Updated: 7 October 2016
Everyone in Tel Aviv is all about Instagram. The app allows anyone to show off their photography, designs, artwork, style and food obsessions. If you want your feed to be full of Tel Avivian goodies, then you will definitely want to check out these accounts.

Fashion: @yasalamfashionblog, @eliran_nargassi

Korin Avraham is the girl behind the account Ya Salam Fashion Blog. This fun and vibrant account captures her experiences in fashion, lifestyle and travel. Eliran Nargassi‘s account caters to the modern individual who’s on the search for innovative fashion. His clean-cut and minimalistic designs are shown in his artsy and creative feed.

Courtesy of Ya Salam Fashion Blog

Courtesy of Ya Salam Fashion Blog

Design: @teddyco

Playing with shapes, color and lines, Teddy Cohen will liven up your feed with his photos. You’ll see Tel Aviv from a refreshingly new perspective. Each one of Cohen’s photos will surpass the last with a new twist on the combination of nature and culture in the city.

Doodles: @dailydoodlegram

If you are looking for an account to follow for quirky new drawings every day, follow Daily Doodle Gram. Geffen Refaeli created this original illustration project based on her inspiration and sense of community from her Instagram feed. Geffen creates a daily abstract journal based on different elements, pieces and characters.

Courtesy of Daily Doodle Gram

Courtesy of Daily Doodle Gram

Art: @ohsoarty

Sarah Peguine shows daily updates about the Israeli contemporary art scene with her account Oh So Arty. Whether its artwork from a gallery or art created on the street, Oh So Arty shows a large range of visual designs through her snaps. It’s a creative account to follow that’s fun, visual appealing and artistic.

Alon Segev Gallery | Courtesy of Oh So Artsy

Alon Segev Gallery | Courtesy of Oh So Arty

Coffee: @tlvcoffee

If you think “Life’s too short for bad coffee,” then you must jump on board and follow TLVcoffee. Coffee is photographed in a simple way that makes you want to gulp down every cup – whether it’s the latte art, the cappuccino in the air, fresh-pressed coffee or the cup of coffee paired with a delicious baked good.

Courtesy of TLV Coffee

Courtesy of TLV Coffee

Food: @ravrav80, @falafulltlv

Snapping a photo of your eats has become an art for many. But if you really want to see delicious trendy and unique Tel Aviv food, Rav Rav 80 has what you are looking for. The account displays amazing photos up close and personal, capturing the awesome food available in Tel Aviv with vivid images. You will want to eat the photos right off her feed. FalafullTLV is another tasty account that features some delightful foodie pictures, specializing in showcasing what’s available on the streets of the city.

Shemesh's Kitchen | Courtesy of ravrav80

Shemesh’s Kitchen | Courtesy of ravrav80

Health: @vegan_slaughterer

If you are looking for healthy food to salivate over or vegan restaurants to dine at, you should definitely enjoy what vegan_slaughterer‘s account has to offer. Yaeli Shochat became a vegetarian at the age of 8 and has been a vegan since 15.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 2.00.11 PM

Vegan cream cheese on toast | Courtesy of Yaeli Shochat

Street Art: @kloneyourself

To find unique Tel Aviv street art, follow Klone Yourself. With artwork of personal challenges and themes of diaspora, the artist began to make unfamiliar concepts more familiar. This urban tradition allowed him to take ownership of his surroundings. Many of his works now contain the concept of “home.” Using characters, symbols and regional iconography, Klone’s work borrows from existing linguistic traditions in hope of providing a bridge to communicate.

Always Say Always | Courtesy of Klone Yourself

Always Say Always | Courtesy of Klone Yourself

Sports: @eladnissim

For an Instagram account of strong and inspiring people doing the sports they love to do, follow Elad Nissim, an amazing photographer who captures athletic people in their natural habitat all over the city. The photos are beautiful and truly motivational. This account will add some strength to your feed.

Yoga | Courtesy of Elad Nissim

Yoga | Courtesy of Elad Nissim

Photography: @niroren

Spice up your Instagram with some color and energy. Nir Oren knows how to capture Tel Aviv with some of the most awesome photos. You will really be able to understand the Tel Aviv energetic life through Oren’s photos. No classic beach or food photos here – pure shots of raw Tel Aviv.

Azrieli Center | Courtesy of Nir Oren

Azrieli Center | Courtesy of Nir Oren