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Shuk HaNamal Courtesy of Dara Liberman
Shuk HaNamal Courtesy of Dara Liberman

The Ultimate Guide To The Market Place In Tel Aviv

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Updated: 25 April 2017
Tel Aviv is a truly cosmopolitan city. With an international population and a variety of food from all over the globe to match, Tel Aviv has an array of different markets, (locally referred to as the Shuk), that you can visit and indulge in some of the freshest produce in Israel. Here is a guide to some of the top Markets in Tel Aviv to explore, taste and smell.


Shuk HaCarmel | © Hadar Naim/Flickr

Shuk HaCarmel | © Hadar Naim/Flickr

Shuk HaCarmel

Shuk HaCarmel is one of the most famous and most visited markets in Tel Aviv and there is a good chance you might lose yourself wandering through the busy shuk. Starting from Allenby Street, the market starts with stalls selling clothes, beauty products, and accessories, and ends with groceries, cheeses, olives, and other delicious wonders. If you are looking for a calm shopping experience, visit Shuk HaCarmel in the weekday between Sunday and Thursday. If you want a genuine hectic Middle Eastern shuk experience then Friday is your day. On Saturday, (shabbat) the shuk is at rest and the empty space is invaded by thousands of  Tel Avivian cats.

Carmel Market, HaCarmel St 11, Tel Aviv Israel

Shuk HaNamal Courtesy of Dara Liberman

Shuk HaNamal Courtesy of Dara Liberman

Shuk HaNamal

Located to the city’s north, Shuk Hanamal (meaning market of the port) features stores, restaurants, nightclubs, and even a gastronomic market.  Notwithstanding the many options within the shuk on a daily basis, arguably the most unique aspects of this shuk is the weekly farmer’s market that takes place every Friday morning with a stunning backdrop of the sea.

Namal Tel Aviv St, Tel Aviv, Israel

Shuk Levinsky | © Nathalie_r/Flickr

Shuk Levinsky | © Nathalie_r/Flickr

Shuk Levinsky

Shuk Levinsky is a vibrant, chaotic market located in the south of Tel Aviv, selling a wide variety of spices, grains, nuts, dried fruits, and teas for affordable prices. Come with an empty backpack and stomach because you will want to try all the culinary delights.

Levinsky St, Tel Aviv, Israel

Shuk Hatikva | © _Urish/Flickr

Shuk Hatikva | © _Urish/Flickr

Shuk Hatikva

Slightly outside the center of Tel Aviv, Shuk Hatikva is a lesser known tourist destination. On a large corridor you can find all of your grocery needs, with similar prices to Shuk HaCarmel, but slightly less hectic. If you are interested in getting out of the regular circuit, it’s worth the visit.

Hatikva St, Tel Aviv, Israel

Jaffa Flea Market - Shuk Hapishpeshim Courtesy of Dara Liberman

Jaffa Flea Market – Shuk Hapishpeshim Courtesy of Dara Liberman                                                         

Jaffa Flea Market – Shuk Hapishpeshim

Located in Old Jaffa’s center, Shuk Hapishpeshim offers mostly clothing, accessories and jewelry, either vintage or new. When you ask the price, be ready to negotiate, the sellers are expecting you to haggle! Jaffa is a charming place, so before or after the visit, spend time exploring the near-by stores and restaurants.  

Jaffa Flea Market, Yefet St, Tel Aviv, Israel

Shuk Bezalel

The clothing market located in Tel Aviv center allows you to exercise your good eye for styling, and also save some money. Among thousands of clothes, mostly very cheap, you can also find accessories. Don’t expect high quality and come ready to search for what you want.

Bezalel Market, King George St, Tel Aviv, Israel


By Dara Liberman

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