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Top 5 Yoga Studios in Tel Aviv

Top 5 Yoga Studios in Tel Aviv

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Updated: 29 September 2016
Despite – or perhaps due to – Tel Aviv’s endless opportunities for wining, dining, and relaxation, its locals prioritize an active lifestyle. This strong fitness culture together with the spirit of post-India travelers give birth to a Yoga paradise of western and eastern philosophies. The following list navigates the city’s top studios, examining the unique experience each one has to offer.
Naim Studio Florentine
Courtesy of Naim Studio

Ella Yoga

Tucked away in the scenic landscape of the Tel Aviv port, an stone’s throw from the sea, Ella Yoga boasts an impressive class selection and a skilled, friendly staff. The schedule runs seven days a week with classes at almost every given hour of the day. These range beyond the classic schools to include practices that devote focus to elements such as balance, skeletal strengthening and the maternal body. Bonus: there’s nothing quite as Zen as hearing the sound of the ocean from your downward dog.

Studio Naim

Step into Naim’s flagship studio in the heart of Florentine and you might just want to spend the rest your afternoon there. The sun-soaked studio has an energy that is both lively and calming, catering to an eclectic crowd from all walks of life. White washed walls, raw décor and a physical openness of space come together to create an aesthetic, inviting environment. The practice strikes a harmonious balance between meditative and aerobic, guaranteed to leave you satisfied mentally, physically and spiritually.

Tel Aviv Yoga
Courtesy of Naim Studio

Prana Yoga College

Located on the sleepy Hovevei Tsiyon St., this not-so-well-kept secret is a prized possession by all who stumble upon it. Its richly decorated interior and surrounding garden create the sense of spiritual sanctuary. The college not only offers a high caliber of teacher training, but also hosts free classes rooted in the core philosophy that yoga should be accessible for all. Both tracks aim to cultivate a profound understanding beyond just that of the physical poses. Classes are exclusively Hatha, concentrating on slow movement and awareness to the breath. Tip from a pro: Come early and secure your spot, as classes tend to fill up.


Prana main studio
Courtesy of Prana Yoga College

Yoga Space

The Yoga Space employs an unconventional approach, redefining the relationship between practice and community. In line with the entrepreneurial spirit of the Tel Aviv, the group was founded by two ex-pat instructors and has since snowballed in size and popularity within the Anglo community. Rather than congregating in a traditional studio, the group meets in locations all over the city. From private living rooms to public rooftops and beachfronts, a unique experience is created with every class. There’s no better way to kick off the weekend than Friday morning sun salutations on the beach.

Or Ha Yoga

To descend the steps into the Or Ha Yoga is to leave the bustle of the city center and enter a hidden oasis. Students and instructors alike approach the mat with a quiet seriousness that makes this yoga community an inspiring one to take part in. Expect to leave feeling stretched-out, and aching head-to-toe in the best possible way. Besides their weekly schedule, the studio frequently hosts supplementary workshops designed to strengthen both body and spirit.