The Most Peaceful Spots In Tel Aviv

The Most Peaceful Spots In Tel Aviv
Many of us live busy, hectic lives: constantly stressed out, and going non-stop. Introducing the best spots to find your inner peace in Tel Aviv, there is bound to be one spot for everyone.
Complete Relaxation at The Beach ©Serena Carsley-Mann

Tel Aviv’s Beautiful Beaches

What better place in the world than the beach to find your inner peace? From Sunday-Thursday, the Tel Aviv beach will undoubtedly offer you that zen experience you have been craving. It is nearly completely empty, so incredibly quiet – you can hear the ocean waves crashing. Depending on your relaxation style, a book, an iPod, a notebook, an iced coffee, or some fresh fruit will truly complete the experience. Or perhaps merely watching the sparkling blue ocean will bring you to complete serenity. The weekend is more crowded, with many blasting music, offering a different, more upbeat Tel Aviv beach experience.

Sunset Serenity ©Serena Carsley-Mann

Gan Haatzmaut and Hilton Park

These two incredible parks, located right to each other, are the ideal spots to lie out in the beautiful outdoors and take in the sunshine, without getting full of sand. And without wearing a bikini, of course. It is a popular spot for Tel Avivians to come and watch the sunset, as it is directly parallel to the beach. These parks truly have the word peaceful written all throughout.

Peace in the Park ©Serena Carsley-Mann

Park Hayarkon

Park Hayarkon is undoubtedly a place for being active, between the boaters in the river, the tennis courts, basketball courts, outdoor gym, the sportech, and the running and bike path. However, it is also the perfect spot for athletes to take a rest day. This park is ideal for having a picnic by the river, or lying in the grass and just staring at the sky and taking in all the magnificence the park has to offer, and the unique view of Tel Aviv from different angles of the Park.

Classic Picnic at Sarona Park Courtesy Picnic, Little Italy

Picnic at Sarona

The restaurant Little Italy located at Sarona has a few branches in their group. One of them is called Picnic, which holds absolutely no hidden meaning. This unique restaurant provides everything you need for a picnic, from the food (an Italian-inspired menu), to the wine, and even the blanket. But most importantly, the setting is what provides a divine experience. Although Sarona is a commercial and happening place, the garden belonging to Picnic is closed off to those looking to take a break from all the mayhem of daily life.

Gan Meir

Gan Meir

Gan Meir, a somewhat hidden park off of King George Street, has many peaceful experiences to offer, depending on your style. It is mostly known as a dog park, which for many spending time with their furry best friend, or simply seeing dogs freely running around offers a great sense of peace. The park itself has an enchanted feel in the way that the formation of the trees closes the park in. A coffee or a delicious Israeli breakfast at Café Landwer in the park will also ensure a truly divine and zen experience.

The Miflat ©HaMiflat

The Miflat

The Miflat, located in the basement of HaHoog Hatzfoni, is like nothing you have ever seen before. Technically, it can be referred to as a café. But to the eye, it is a cavernous, underground, ultimate work space, place to hang out, play video games, drink coffee and have some tasty noshes. The décor screams ‘come and relax’ with many of the chairs being bean bags, couches, or big comfy swinging chairs. And the completely unpretentious, hipster vibes really allows those looking for some peace and quiet the ideal spot.

Sunset Yoga © Serena Carsley-Mann

Sunset Yoga at the Marina

Nothing says zen more than yoga. But how about some yoga while watching the sunset? Seems rather hard to beat. If you know your own yoga moves and how to get yourself in the right mindset, then all you really need is a mat and some good energy. However, if you want more direction and to be part of a really special experience, there are tons of certificated yoga teachers that offer classes at the Tel Aviv Marina, including AnaYoga, which offers a class every Saturday night at 18:00, right in time for the sunset.