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Israel Museum | © Chris Yunker/Flickr
Israel Museum | © Chris Yunker/Flickr

The Best Museums To Visit In Jerusalem

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Updated: 11 April 2017
Israel has the highest number of museums per capita in the world! The country is only the size of New Jersey, yet it houses over 200 museums. It would be unthinkable to make a trip to Israel without visiting at least a couple of the nation’s top museums. Jerusalem hosts several notable museums, many of which are located on ‘Museum Row’ in Givat Ram. Here we’ve curated a list of our favorite Jerusalem museums.

Israel Museum

After undergoing a $100 million renovation in 2010, the Israel Museum has re-established its position as Israel’s national museum. Famous for its Holyland model of Jerusalem, the museum features four wings as well as sprawling gardens. The Israel Museum also contains the Shrine of the Book, which houses the Dead Sea Scrolls in a distinctive white domed building. Visitors will also find a remarkable collection of fine art, archaeological and Biblical artefacts plus over 30 new exhibits every year.

Israel Museum, Nakhman Avigad St, Jerusalem, Israel, +972 2 670 8811

Yad Vashem

The Yad Vashem Memorial was founded in 1953 to serve as the center for research, documentation, education and commemoration of the Holocaust. It is an emotionally powerful museum, which introduces visitors to the history of the Nazis’ rise to power and the harrowing effect this had on Jews in Europe at that time. The various exhibits serve as a memorial to the victims of the Holocaust and include displays of ghettos, concentration camps, Jewish response, and the famous Hall of Names.

Yad Vashem, Har Hazikaron, Jerusalem, Israel, +972 2 644 3802

Davidson Center

Built inside an 8th-century building, the Davidson Center is located in Jerusalem’s Old City by the Western Wall. The museum uses visual technology to introduce visitors to the history of Jerusalem. This includes a video portraying the experiences of a pilgrim’s experiences during the Second Temple Period as well as a 3-D virtual reconstruction of the Temple.

Davidson Center, near the Dung Gate, Old City, Jerusalem, Israel, +972 2 627 7550

Bible Lands Museum

The Bible Lands Museum features a network of galleries that focus on the biblical heritage and various cultures mentioned in the Bible. Most of the artifacts displayed in the museum are from the personal collection of founder Elie Borowski and include ancient idols, coins, artifacts, weapons, pottery, and statues as well as scale models of ancient Near Eastern sites.

Bible Lands Museum, Shmuel Stephan Weiz St 21, Jerusalem, Israel, +97 2 2561 1066

Tower of David Museum

The Tower of David Museum traces the history of Jerusalem from its Canaanite origin to the present day. The courtyard, located inside the museum, allows visitors to see archaeological ruins that are over 2,700 years old. Another highlight of the museum is the breathtaking views of both the Old City and New City that can be seen from the tower’s ramparts.

Tower of David Museum, near the Jaffa Gate, Old City, Jerusalem, Israel, +972 2 626 5333

Menachem Begin Heritage Center

The Menachem Begin Heritage Center commemorates the life and achievements of Israel’s sixth Prime Minister, Menachem Begin. The museum features a variety of historical reconstructions, documentary videos, and interactive video presentations, which allow visitors to experience different chapters throughout Begin’s life.

Menachem Begin Heritage Center, Sh.A. Nakhon St 6, Jerusalem, Israel, +972 2 565 2020

Bloomfield Science Museum

The Bloomfield Science Museum is a family-oriented museum, which uses hands-on interactive exhibits to bring science and technology to the general public. A highlight for children is the bubble exhibit that allows visitors to create giant bubbles.

Bloomfield Science Museum, Sderot HaMuze’onim, Jerusalem, Israel, +972 2 654 4888