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The Best Restaurants Open On Shabbat In Jerusalem, Israel
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The Best Restaurants Open On Shabbat In Jerusalem, Israel

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Jerusalem is well known as the Holy City, which is a great reason to come and visit during the week. But on Fridays, the Sabbath alarm sounds and everything in the city slowly comes to a rest. Have no fear – here are the best places still open.
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Situated in the newly renovated first train station, Adom is known for its wonderful seafood. It also has an impressive bar with enticing cocktails and an extensive wine list. The restaurant combines the charm of the train station with the upscale decor that befits a high-end restaurant. If you are there, make sure to sample the gnocchi with chestnuts and cream, as well as the assorted mussel and clams appetizer, served in a wonderful creamy butter and white wine sauce. Don’t forget to try the desserts.

Adom, First Station, David Remez Street 4, Jerusalem, 02-624-6242

Courtesy of Adom Courtesy of Adom

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Menza is the newest restaurant to open in Jerusalem. It is located on the top of Betzalel Street, making it easy to get to. Opened in 2014, Menza strives to bring back some local Jerusalem pride. The restaurant is named after the restaurant that opened on the Hebrew University campus in the 70s and 80s. The menu puts fresh twists on bistro classics such as apple pie pancakes, and Calamari with curry, and is nothing short of amazing. Everything about the menu serves to delight the eye, from the freshness of the food, to the bright, beautiful cocktails contrasted with the elegant simplicity of the restaurants design.

Menza, Betzalel 10, Jerusalem, 02-625-5222

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This restaurant is a Jerusalem cornerstone. Every Jerusalemite has found themselves sitting in the comfy booths of Zuni in the early hours of the morning. This is because Zuni is open 24 hours a day, making it the obvious choice after a night out at some of Jerusalem’s best bars. Don’t mistake the being open 24-7 for a lack of quality. Zuni featues high-end service and great food, with a variety of dishes from French toast with mascarpone and berries to four cheese gourmet macaroni. The big black leather booths, hardwood floors, and soft lighting provide a lovely, relaxed ambiance. They switch their menu around at midnight, so you can try all the things they have to offer.

Zuni, Yoel Moshe Salamon 15, Jerusalem, 02-625-7776

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Located on a quiet side street in the city center, the Link is a tried and true favorite. It is situated in a house from the 1900s, which lends it an authentic feel. The restaurants offers different space options, from the leafy Jerusalem stone veranda, to the inside candlelit tables, or the more lively bar area, giving each spot its own special ambiance. Their menu is simple, yet delicious and serves all-day breakfast to those who need their fix. Be sure to try the Israeli kebab and grilled eggplant capriccio for a taste of local flavor. The quiet yet accessible location makes it a perfect getaway in the middle of the city.

Link, Ha’Maalot 3, Jerusalem, 02-625-3446

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About a two-minute walk from the Link, Mona is a picturesque restaurant. The Mona is in the located in the Jerusalem artist’s house, which adds to its charm. Upon entrance one will feel transported to a quaint European bistro, with the combination of stone walls and floors and with trees surrounding the restaurants. Their menu is a fusion of Israeli and European fare, placing a high emphasis on the freshness of their ingredients purchased at the local Mahane Yehuda Market. With gourmet dishes such as Shrimp and asparagus with an egg yolk vinaigrette, bacon tuile and beurre noisette foam, or Ox Tail Bourguignon with root vegetables with polenta and maple, the Mona will delight any lover of fine fresh gourmet food.

Mona, Shmuel HaNagid 12, Jerusalem, 02-622-2283