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The Top 5 Art Galleries in Tel Aviv’s Jaffa
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The Top 5 Art Galleries in Tel Aviv’s Jaffa

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Updated: 12 October 2016
Since its humble beginnings, Tel Aviv has grown to become one of the most cosmopolitan and artistic cities in the world. As well as young contemporary artists, the city is home to many great European-Israeli painters and sculptors. Just a short walk around the city’s streets will show you how much art there is to see. Here are five art galleries that can’t be missed.
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Zadik Gallery

Part of the charm of this small gallery is its location, in the old city of Jaffa, amongst the beautiful, historic and crumbling buildings of an ancient Israel. The gallery itself is in one of these old buildings that has been newly renovated to create a stunning space, preserving the high ceilings, arched doorways and rafters that are signature to the architecture of Jaffa. The gallery has housed nearly fifty different exhibitions of contemporary Israeli artists, from photography to painting, addressing all subjects of everyday life in Israel. The idea behind the gallery is to create a platform for new and upcoming artists to be able to showcase their work and make a living off of their art, while at the same time making sure it is affordable and accessible to everyone.

Zadik Gallery, 16 Shimon HaZadik Street, Tel Aviv, Israel +972 7749 56981

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Inga Gallery

The Inga Gallery has made quite a name for itself during the reasonably short time it has been open (only seven years). It started off at a small location, moving to their current location, a bigger gallery space, a few years ago. The gallery is run by two partners, Revital and Netta, who strongly believe in only exhibiting art that they hold to be culturally relevant and important. The Inga Gallery is known for its bold and controversial collections of art, while also exhibiting the works of contemporary Israeli artists, and Japanese artists such as Motoi Yamamoto.

Inga Gallery, 7 Bar Yochai Street, Tel Aviv, Israel +972 3518 1812

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RawArt Gallery

The RawArt Gallery is in the somewhat run-down, industrial area of south Tel Aviv. In the past few years however, it has been going through a series of renovations and transformations, and the Kiryat Hamelacha neighborhood is becoming one of the most popular for young creatives and artists. The area is slowly filling up with art galleries and studios, which can be found in almost any garage or warehouse, but the RawArt Gallery is one of the most impressive. It has been around since 2005 and boasts amazing collections of Israeli and international contemporary artists, giving light to new mediums and styles, from sculpture to video art to street art.

RawArt Gallery, 3 Shvil HaMeretz Street, Tel Aviv, Israel +972 3683 2559

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The Engel Gallery

The Engel Gallery was originally founded in Jerusalem by the Engel family in 1955, and its goal was to promote Israeli artists in Israel and internationally. Since opening the small gallery in Jerusalem, they have opened branches in New York City and Toronto, bringing the local art of the time to a wider audience outside of Israel. During the 1980’s the family opened their third Israeli branch in Tel Aviv, where it exists to this day. The gallery has regular exhibitions of contemporary Israeli artists and it houses a very impressive collection of Israeli and European late 19th and 20th century artists, from Anna Ticho to Marc Chagall.

The Engel Gallery, 6 Gordon Street, Tel Aviv, Israel +972 03522 5637

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Meshuna Gallery

Despite its being one of the newer art galleries in Tel Aviv, the Meshuna Gallery is very popular and influential amongst the city’s younger, creative scene. The gallery space was once a run-down ruin of a building, forgotten and abandoned for nearly seven years until the founders decided it was the perfect place to build their own unique vision of what an art gallery should be. The gallery houses young, up-and-coming Israeli artists’ work in a casual atmosphere. The space, though renovated, still holds an air of the grimy ruin it once was, with bare light bulbs lining the ceiling and literal holes in the wall, but the art to be found there is truly original and one-of-a-kind.

Meshuna Gallery, 112 Herzel Street, Tel Aviv, Israel +972 05222 41313