The Top Spots To Picnic In Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv | ©israeltourism/Flickr
Tel Aviv | ©israeltourism/Flickr
Dining al fresco is the best way to take in the lively atmosphere of Tel Aviv, a city that boasts plenty of people watching and (almost) year-round summer weather. Tel Aviv abounds with picnic oases in the midst of an urban desert. Below is a list of the best spots to plan a picnic.

Hayarkon Park

Hayarkon Park is a 3,000 square-kilometer pedestrianized public park through which the Yarkon River winds for a 28 kilometers. The space is filled with manicured gardens, sports facilities, music stadiums, and seemingly endless lawns to picnic upon. In addition to the regular runners, cyclists, and dog owners who take advantage of the park, you can also find numerous families, young couples, and groups of friends sitting on the equally beautiful North and South banks of the river on the weekend. After a stroll or bike ride, find yourself a quiet patch of grass under a tree and spread your blanket for a moment with nature in the middle of the city.

How to create a perfect Tel Aviv picnic?

Inside the Tel Aviv port, Shuk Hanamal is located right by the entrance to Hayarkon Park just south of where the Yarkon River spills into the Mediterranean Sea. Stop by the boutique farmers’ market in Hanger 12 before heading to the park for an incredible variety of quality fare like salted-fish sandwiches, fresh fruits and vegetables, and a bottle of wine if you are so inclined. Open Monday to Saturday.


The ancient Arab port city of Jaffa, located just south of Tel Aviv proper, has a truly unique vibe from its neighbor to the north. Classic attractions like the flea market have become trendy spots for opening new bars, restaurants and shops, while the stunning architecture from centuries ago remains untouched and perfectly antiquated. Just south of the Jaffa port, is a stretch of grass-covered hills that run for a kilometer between the Mediterranean Sea and the neighbourhood of Ajami. Midron Yafo is less populated than other public areas, but you can always find a mix of different people strolling or sitting around the boardwalk, beach, and grassy hills of the park. Situated many meters above the sea, this is the place to go to catch a romantic sunset and some ocean breeze in peace and quiet.

How to create a perfect Tel Aviv picnic?

Levinsky market in South Tel Aviv is famous for its spices, dry goods, and the handful of great delis stocked with the perfect picnic food. Home-cured meats can be bought by weight or with mayo and mustard in crisp baguette sandwiches at Boutique Naknik. For a wide selection of delicatessen items such as cheeses, salads, olives, salted fish, and other homemade delicacies, don’t miss Haim Rafael.

Sarona © Tamar Fradkin


Sarona is a very impressive restoration of a Templar colony built in central Tel Aviv in the late 1800s. The old stone buildings have been turned into restaurants and stores, but the beauty and magic of the development is best appreciated while sitting on a picnic blanket on one of the many grassy areas between and around the edifice.

How to create a perfect Tel Aviv picnic?

Picnic couldn’t be truer to its name. Grab a picnic basket from the kiosk (it comes fully loaded with a blanket), fill it with food and beverage of your choice, and then set out to a pretty spot nearby. From Italian beers and wine, to personal pizzas, and even gelato, this place takes all the prep-work out of the picnic and lets you enjoy your beautiful surroundings, spontaneously.