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The Soul Of Tel Aviv, As Told By Shai Cohen's Instagram
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The Soul Of Tel Aviv, As Told By Shai Cohen's Instagram

Picture of Ruthie Berber
Updated: 25 October 2016
Shai Cohen, a talented photographer, with a passion for nature, wildlife and expertise in frame engineering, manages to translate the soul of Tel Aviv into perfect images for Instagram. With a knack for emotive shots and an enigmatic ability to catch just the right moment, we can’t help but dote over this stunning Instagram account. Its a must follow for picturesque sunsets, versatile landscapes across Israel and Tel Avivian moments (mostly by the beach).

From the simple moments of peace and tranquility by Tel Aviv’s power plant…

To moments of genuine affection; the city’s lovers…

Shai Cohen captures the powerful nature, the emblazoned horizon and specializes in catching elegant birds in flight.

His ability to transport his viewers above…

…And below.

Tel Aviv’s soul is made of spontaneity, of joy, of unexpected beauty, all inspired by the city’s gorgeous shore line.

Whether its a man-made city icon, such as Habima cultural square, or a natural stage for Tel Avivians to run on, Shai Cohen has figured out how to transform Tel Aviv into little square-shaped gems.

You can stop chasing the perfect Tel Avivian moment on Instagram, it’s here.

For more of Shai Cohen’s photography you can visit his website and, of course, follow @shaicohen on Instagram and Twitter.


By Ruthie Berber, The Culture Trip’s Tel Aviv Director of Culture. Catch us on the TLV Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.