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The Soul of Tel Aviv Captured in a Timelapse [Video]
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The Soul of Tel Aviv Captured in a Timelapse [Video]

Picture of Iris Kamenev
Updated: 24 April 2017
By Iris Kamenev, Culture Trip TLV Social Media Intern

In the consistent routine of everyday life, sometimes we forget to look around and remember to appreciate the beauty of the city we live in. In this stunning timelapse of Tel Aviv, Noam Armonn manages to capture the charm of sailboats drifting in Yaffo, the urban bustle of the train station, the impressive towering skyscrapers, and the elegance of calm beaches.

Iris Kamenev grew up in Minneapolis, MN and graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2014 with a degree in genetics and biology. After graduation she opted for a change, so she moved to Israel to teach English. Currently, she is living in Tel Aviv and is passionate about travel, culture, and, of course, writing.