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The PapaBlues & Co | Denis Kuksenko
The PapaBlues & Co | Denis Kuksenko

Inbloom: A Gem Of Tel Aviv Rhythm'n'Blues

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Updated: 7 December 2016
Inbloom are made up of five eminent and experienced musicians, led by singer Frank O.Z. and talented keyboard maestro Tal Babitzky. Incorporating a wide range of styles, from blues and jazz through rock and soul, their stunning music accompanied by a charming baritone grabs the listener’s attention from the very first passage.


Inbloom are only about a year old. The band was formed by Frank O. Z. and Tal Babitsky, who are more than just outstanding musicians. Frank and Tal are usually accompanied by five more amazingly talented artists who represent different styles.

Frank O. Z. | Emil Safanov

Frank O. Z. | Courtesy of Emil Safanov

Frank O.Z. is a young singer from Ukraine with a unique voice. His velvet baritone is staggering in its depth and power. The modest, blue-eyed singer is able to cover the band’s remarkable range. Within the first half-year of living in Israel, the ‘white man with the black voice,’ as Frank is usually described, won the International Blues Challenge in Israel and went on to represent the country in the contest held in Memphis, Tennesse.

Tal Babitzky | Emil Safanov

Tal Babitzky | Courtesy of Emil Safanov

Tal Babitzky is well known among Israel’s professional musicians. A real virtuoso of the keyboard, he has created numerous genuine compositions. Babitzky has performed with many well known musicians and participated in several successful projects before he met Frank O.Z. Frank and Tal decided to unite in order to combine their skills and to share their art and their talents — their passion — with the public. Tal is the one who creates the music and defines its overall sound. His melodies are impossible to ignore or to forget.

The PapaBlues & Co | Emil Safanov

Inbloom | Emil Safanov

Fortunately, Frank and Tal were able to find the rest of the band’s members in a very short time. Every member of the band is an individual, but all of them work together to move forward.

Inbloom is armed with fresh interpretations of well known hits of the past. The band enjoys performing kooky covers of prominent hits by such artists as Ray Charles and Eric Clapton. The audience is usually hooked by these excellent and highly professional arrangements of classic songs (which, by the way, will be included in the debut album by the band). Frank O.Z. is capable not only of following the uncommon and specific styles of the creators of the past (such as Frank Sinatra), but also of showing his own musical personality.

Dikla and Natalie | Emil Safanov

Dikla and Natalie | Emil Safanov

Inbloom’s original music is introduced humbly to fans. Divinely crafted songs are characterized by marvelous melodies. The music’s flow is so miraculous and fluent that it is able to construct mood and emotion — to touch the listener’s memories and make the heart beat with exultation. The balmy voice joins the balanced music and immediately finds the perfect place for itself among the other instruments. Varying from low to high notes, Frank’s baritone expresses deep feeling. It should be mentioned that the lyrics of the band, usually written by Paul Robert Thomas and Vaughan Ray Daniel, are tender and emotive.

One more notable feature of the band is the variety of the repertoire. Since all the band’s productions are the result of unfeigned inspiration and sincere feelings, Inbloom have tracks in almost every style: the pure blues ‘Patient Man’ stands together with the groovy, disco-flavored ‘Baby Can You Take Me Home.’ Such a great variety of styles, which are actually very hard to mix, will definitely bewilder and amaze music lovers who aren’t used to hear such genres mixed so naturally.

Inbloom highlights the talents and skill of each individual member. Don’t miss the band’s next shows: March 19th at Vox RestoBar and March 24th at Beit HaMidot.