The Best Places To Eat In Machane Yehuda Market, Jerusalem

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9 February 2017

The Machane Yehuda market in Jerusalem is an exciting place to shop, tour and taste delicious food. It is an iconic landmark that makes Israel’s capital what it is today. With a modern flare that combines the old with the new, featuring coffee shops, a modern bar selling beer on tap and a mobile phone accessories store, the market is very trendy. Here are a few popular places to eat that represent what the marketplace has become today.

Machane Yehuda Market | © Yehudah Jacobs


Morris is one of the more unique places that can be found at the market. It has two locations, one is in the heart of the market between two butcher shops, and the other, which is a nicer venue, is located on the outskirts of the marketplace. For those who want the full experience, try both. You can enjoy your meal while listening to Greek music in the restaurant outside the market, or the sounds of butchers preparing fresh cuts of beef prepared for service inside the market. The menu includes a fresh selection of salads and a variety of grilled meats including steaks, skewered meats, chicken, turkey, sweetbreads, duck livers, chicken hearts and many more.

Fish and Chips | © Yehudah Jacobs

Baladag Fish And Chips

Appropriate for any marketplace, Fish and Chips is a very popular spot in the heart of the market. All of the fish is fresh from the market, tasting just like the classic fish and chips that you would find anywhere around the world. The restaurant uses a variety of fish, which is a nice addition to the classic cod, including tuna, red mullet, salmon and more. You can have your fish either tempura-battered or coated in panko breadcrumbs topped with a lemon wedge, and if you are in an Elizabethan mood, order the dish topped off with melted cheddar cheese.

Kibbeh Soup at Azora | © Yehudah Jacobs


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Azora, which opened in 1917, is the oldest and one of the most popular restaurants in the market today. Starting as a hole in the wall with two tables, but since expanding, it now takes over the entire plaza behind the Iraqi section of the market. Azora specializes in homemade middle-eastern style food that is slow-cooked to perfection atop kerosene burners, and it’s known for its classic dishes such as kibbeh soup (a dumpling filled with ground beef and herbs), fresh hummus with different toppings, shakshuka (poached eggs in a fiery tomato sauce), and Kima (a popular dish, named after the restaurant, of lamb kebab with layers of aubergine, potato and spinach leaves dipped in gravy).

Trattoria Haba

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Trattoria Haba is located on the historic Jaffa road (the road that crosses the city from north to south alongside the light rail tracks). The trattoria was built on the legendary Haba bakery, but after 50 years with all the competition in the market, they needed to become a more dominant force. They rebuilt the bakery and have turned into one of the hottest spots not only in the market, but also in Jerusalem. Known for their brunch specials (fried ricotta gnocchi with zucchini, tomato and Kalamata olives) and the French/Italian classic desserts (éclairs and tiramisu), this place should be a must on your upcoming trip to the Machane Yehuda market.

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