The Best Sandwich Joints In Tel Aviv, Israel

The Best Sandwich Joints In Tel Aviv, Israel
In a city like Tel Aviv, Israel that is undergoing an exciting food revolution, the humble sandwich is being taken to a whole new level. Here is our list of the best sandwiches you have to try while in the region.
Preparing the EatMeat Sandwich © Grasyani

As the guys behind EatMeat concisely say, ‘we just do meat, in a sandwich or in a salad’. The sandwich is simple. It involves grilled slices of entrecote, fresh tomato and lettuce, their home-made chimichuri sauce, mustard and mayo. These ingredients are all placed in a straight-out-of-the-oven bun. It’s big, filling and all kinds of delicious. This small spot always has a queue forming outside. Yhe buns and the tempting aroma of the meat can be sensed from down the street. Remember to take cash, as it is the only form of payment they accept.

© Grasyani 

Grasyani is relatively new on the food scene but has already become one of Tel Aviv’s hidden gems. This Italian-style sandwich spot is doing everything right. Order an espresso, their goat’s cheese and artichoke sandwich and soak up the sun. You can’t go wrong with this venue and you will be coming back for more in no time.


We couldn’t miss mentioning the delicious pitas from Miznon, created by celebrity chef Eyal Shani. This is gourmet street food at its finest. In both branches, you will find dancing waiters, music pumping and the Arak shots flowing. While the steak and egg pita seems to be the local favorite, the variety is wide. It includes a selection for vegans and vegetarians. The chicken liver pita is an exceptional choice. Layered with flavors, it is deliciously messy to eat and an absolute treat.

Devochka © Liron Smadja

South Tel Aviv has an endless supply of new and interesting places to eat, but chef Keren Adam hit the nail on the head when she opened this neighborhood sandwich bar. The sandwiches take a while to prepare but they are worth the wait. The Mattias sandwich comes particularly recommended. The white fish, sour cream, herbs and vegetables make a delightful lunch and the locals provide excellent company.

Sandwich and Beer © Ruben

Carnegie Deli may be a New York institution, but Ruben’s pastrami sandwich is a great match for the delectations at this iconic venue. This deli has mastered this classic with layers of peppered pastrami sliced on the spot on rye bread. It is complete with a pickle twisted on top. Go for lunch, add a beer and you will be satisfied.