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"The Camera Man": A Photography Exhibition At The Tower of David In Jerusalem
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"The Camera Man": A Photography Exhibition At The Tower of David In Jerusalem

Picture of Deborah Moher
Updated: 4 April 2017
Jerusalem is one of the most photographed places in the world, and The Camera Man – Women and Men Photograph Jerusalem 1900-1950 takes an original look at this complex and fascinating city. The exhibition highlights the special human and cultural heritage of the city and offers a complete look at the photographic work in Jerusalem of Christians, Jews and Muslims between the years 1900 through 1950.

The 34 photographers chosen to be exhibited in ‘The Camera Man’ lived and worked in Jerusalem during the first half of the 20th century. All came from different backgrounds: European, Armenian, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, male and female. One notable photographer whose works are included is Hanna Safieh. These photographs show the unique way that each photographer documented the many faces of Jerusalem. Many photographers recorded the Jerusalem residents of different communities; some were hired by institutions and organizations to photograph various historical events that occurred in the city, while some were artists who sought to honor the unique faces of Jerusalem.

Hanna Safieh. The ice cream seller with his bird, 1940s. Rafi Safieh Collection
The ice cream seller with his bird, 1940, Rafi Safieh Collection | © Hanna Safieh

‘The Camera Man’ opened on May 27, 2016 and closed on December 10, 2016

Tower of David Museum, Jerusalem, +972 2-626-5333