The Best Things to See and Do in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv's Rabin Square | © israeltourism / Flickr
Tel Aviv's Rabin Square | © israeltourism / Flickr
Picture of Ben Jakob
Updated: 19 June 2017
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With tons of restaurants, attractions and the omnipresent sea, it’s hard to know how best to spend your time in such a cool city like Tel Aviv. From where to eat to what to do, we’ve got you covered with the best things you should check out in the White City and Jaffa.

Try the local food

Tel Aviv is famously known as a foodie town, so make sure you try a little bit of everything. While Jaffa’s Ali Caravan Hummus is probably the best in the world, for contemporary Tel Aviv cuisine, head to the Santa Katarina or the North Abraxas.

Tamuz Rachman
©,courtesy of Santa Katarina

Head to any one of the city’s markets

Nothing says the Middle East more than the markets—or shuk, as it’s called in Arabic and Hebrew. Tel Aviv has a few, but the Carmel Market is best for fruits and vegetables or meat and fish; the Flea Market for trinkets and antiques; and the Levinsky Market for spices and the best coffee in town at Café Levinsky 41.

Only the best cherries at Tel Aviv's Carmel Market
© Dana Friedlander for the Israeli Ministry of Tourism / Flickr

Spend an afternoon at the beach

The beach is probably the city’s best attraction. You can’t understand Tel Aviv without spending some time at the beach, feeling its soothing powers. Ironically, as Israel and Tel Aviv’s most stable border, the beach opens Tel Aviv to the world.

Man sits on one of Tel Aviv's beach reading a newspaper, 'cause that's what's the beach is for of you can go everyday

Walk the White City

Tel Aviv is famous for its unique collection of Bauhaus-style homes, sometimes also called the International style. It earned recognition from UNESCO for its “White City”—a loose collection of Bauhaus structures but also others from the eclectic style. Architecture buffs, this walking tour will help you find these hidden beauties that pepper the center of the city.

Tel Aviv offers a wide array of architectural styles from Bauhaus to eclectic
Amos Gil via PikiWiki

Take a bike ride

Tel Aviv has a bike-sharing system called Tel-o-Fun; with daily, weekly, and three-day tourists subscriptions, you simply must take advantage of these bikes to explore the relatively small city. Start in Jaffa and head up north along the beach, or go down Rothschild, commencing at the HaBima Square and ending with a coffee or cocktail at Rothschild 12.

Tel Aviv's rent-a-bike city bike Tel-o-Fun
Assafk88, Wikipedia

Explore the mysteries of Jaffa

While Tel Aviv is young, barely 100 years old, Jaffa has seen more than two millennia. That’s right—its port has been active in various capacities for over 2,000 years. So head for the port and get lost in the winding streets of its Old City, where you’ll find local shops offering Arabic sweets and fresh fish.

Jaffa Clock Tower
Jorge Láscar/Wikimedia

Check out the city’s local art scene

Artsy and stylish, Tel Aviv is full of great art shows and galleries. From the Tel Aviv Museum of Art to the Sommer Contemporary Art Gallery, there is no lack of options for good art in Tel Aviv.

Adi Nes, The Village, show opening at Sommer Contemporary Art in Tel Aviv
Yair Talmor, Wikimedia Commons

Cap your night off with a good party

The city that never sleeps likes a good dance, and parties in Tel Aviv rarely start before midnight. At the pop-up radio station/bar/boutique pizzeria, there’s always something happening, so head there for a slice and dance.

Anna Loulou Bar
© Ben Palhov / Anna Loulou Bar
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